Roon Server - any good?


I spotted Roon has 2 levels of music server finished product available. This is a different direction for them as prior they were 'only' software.

My interest in this is the price, it is cheap. Also I could use both Room (my preferred music player / library) and control it from an iPad.

This is interesting, but how good does it sound, i.e. does it complete with the Aurender units? The Aurender is not so attractive as I can't use Room, and also the really good Audeze EQ written by Audeze for the LCD4s.

Any experience with the new Room box?


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Feb 3, 2011
Get a SGC Sonictransporter i5 or i7 depending on how big your library is. I had a i7, went to the Nuc+ and then back to the i7. Cheaper and basically the same.

Sonically I felt the i7 MIGHT be a bit better but basically a draw. I have a SBooster MkII ps on it. That helped.
The down side is neither core can handle my 16,000+ library very fast. The SGC is a bit faster.
My inclination is at the level we are at, a tweeked W10 platform is the way to go. The SGM or Pink Faun appear to be the top choices
May 16, 2010
I second the emotion. Get Small Green Computer instead, more powerful processing for the money, Andrew Gillis does the Linux programming and he's as good as anyone at this!
Jan 7, 2018
My int has a dac and I was having a lot of drop outs using my laptop to stream tidal so I bought the $1500 unit and it works flawlessly, not a single drop out and I appreciate the info it brings up on my selections. I would buy it again.
This is Andrew from Small Green Computer

A music server will work better then a laptop or home computer as a Roon server. Our sonicTransporter i5 is a great solution for Roon. It has a lot of processing power and built in SSD to make the Roon user interface snappy.

Make sure to get a Roon Ready network player for your DAC. There is a lot of noise coming out of a standard USB port. This can get into the analog side of you DAC. A player like our ultraRendu will give you much better sound out of your DAC then connecting to a USB port on a personal computer or music server.
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Jan 7, 2018
While the nucleus locates tidal files and feeds my streamer flawlessly it, it being the roon software, can't locate a single music folder on any of my drives, on either pc itunes or windows media. In hindsight I have reservations about endorsing this product.

Kal Rubinson

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May 5, 2010
While the nucleus locates tidal files and feeds my streamer flawlessly it, it being the roon software, can't locate a single music folder on any of my drives, on either pc itunes or windows media. In hindsight I have reservations about endorsing this product.
I think it is a problem in your network setup. I installed a Nucleus+ a month or two ago and it recognized all my music files on multiple devices.

(FWIW, I, too, have reservations about the Nucleus+ but they pertain only to its limitations in handling high resolution multichannel files with intensive DSP. Report in my next MITR, due out any day now.)
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Mar 27, 2010
Yes, I was going to suggest it is a permission problem or network problem. I have seen users with the Roon Nucleus locate files all over their network without any issues. Also 2 reviews I have read on hifi magazines built a big music archive in less than an hour and they had the data across external HDs, internal HD, SSD and online. Best to look further before trashing a product IMO.
Jan 7, 2018
You both are correct. I couldn't see it and I had all my sharing set correctly so I made my pc the core and voila My storage screen 'finally'looked like the picture in the instructions. At the same time my dealer called slightly frustrated with me that I didn't call him b4 going to the forums. He suggested since I was having trouble finding my way thru all the security firewalls on the pc I just get a usb drive, load my songs onto it and plug it directly into the nucleus. I have a BB 10 minutes away and within the hour I was playing MY music. It took me several hours to figure out why my screen didn't match all the screens on the help pages and if I had a mac or a pc with limited security software my experience might have been different. It works correctly now and i'm enjoying it.

To the Admin, I reread my post and I think saying i'm having reservations is a long way from trashing. That was you word and implication. The nucleus still only sees whats on the drive plugged into it so despite a solid 10 hours of going round in circles confirming all the permissions are on for file/music/picture/computer sharing my nucleus is still blocked. My reservation is some security software will make locating files on a pc more work than necessary and knowing what I know now I would have one without preloading my files on either a usb or internal drive or be very familiar with file sharing. That's my experience what else can I say.
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May 30, 2010
I have a W10 server running Roon - nothing special, just an old PC with 8G and an SDD and some optical fiber links to isolate from the home router. Can I integrate the JPlay FEMTO in this server using Roon?

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