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      UEM reacted to apropos's post in the thread Koetsu with Like Like.
      Nerd warning. I went on a bit of a deep dive some time ago. I have no formal mineralogy training, so please point out any mistakes if...
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      UEM reacted to Johan K's post in the thread Koetsu with Like Like.
      Only the Vermilion has 0,2mV output. The stones has 0,3mV, and the other wood cartridges, with an exception of Rosewood Signature...
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      UEM replied to the thread Koetsu.
      In various comments above, the output voltage of the ONYX (Platinum) cartridge is specified as: 0.3mV. Interestingly: this value I find...
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      UEM reacted to wbass's post in the thread Sme 3012 R with Like Like.
      Yes, it certainly would make my life easier to keep the 3012-R on the TD520! We'll see. The TT itself seems to get generally good...
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      UEM replied to the thread Sme 3012 R.
      wbass, Congrats to your Thorens & SME Combi ! I’ve got the same, and I was indeed advised, to keep the original arm cable. The...
    • UEM
      Dogberry, Thanks for your interesting comments ! I’m also not using my Reference permanently; as I indicated earlier, for classical...
    • UEM
      I'm reviving this older thread with an update for the “Reference” friends. Sound wise I have little to add: For Jazz and similar music...
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