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Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp at Munich 2019
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I would like to open a thread on the new Totaldac Amp-1 poweramp on the WBF Amp/Preamp Forum.

Here is its specifications and pricings :

FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable
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It took me quite some time to persuade myself to write this post or better to say to open the thread and big portion of "push" came from @wisnon side.
Story about this cable started few months ago when I kindly asked a good friend of mine from back home (Belgrade), from whom I was sourcing my cables for last decade in on and off mode, to send me his latest versions of USB...

In case you haven't .... now you have

Boulder 2060 vs Gryphon Mephisto
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Thinking of bringing a Mephisto in for demo to compare with my boulder 2060. Looking for a little more warmth but NO loss of control. I'm pretty happy with the Boulder now but want to try a little different sound. Any thoughts?
What's Best? The Absolute Sound or today's High End Systems?
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Back in the day of Harry Pearson and the evolution of the High End Audio, Pearson, in the pages of The Absolute Sound, defined the "absolute sound" as unamplified acoustic instruments and/or vocals performed in a real space, usually a concert hall. The evaluation of reproduction systems (HiFi equipment) was a based on a subjective comparison to the "absolute sound." The best systems...
SME exits the tonearm business!
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Posted at 14:44h in Uncategorized by Jake

SME will exit the tonearm retail and OEM business with immediate effect shifting our focus on our core turntable and tonearm...

Aries Cerat Legend System - the video

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Need some Lampi help please
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My Lampi GG2 arrived today. I hope that the Lampi experts on WBF can help address some questions from a Lampi newbie. I’m using Roon and my streamer is the innuous ZENMk3 that is connected to the GG2 via USB.

1) When I try and configure the device in Roon settings and I hit the “Configure” button, The Roon icon spins away with a message “Searching for devices” but never does anything more...

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