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Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème
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Emile of Taiko Audio told me that he has been very busy to fulfill the orders of SGM Extreme for his Korean customers and he doesn't have time nor energy to start a thread on WBF.
Let me do it for him. :)

Here are some of the spec of the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme :
  • -Dimensions 483*450*180mm including feet,
  • -Weight: 42Kg / 93lbs.
  • -Dual...
Are Transports Obsolete?
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It surprises me in this day and age that transports continue to be developed, and presumably sold. I know this has at least been in part to the physical media aspects of spinning one's CD library. Also, Transports, particularly of the cost no object variety, can be more 'sexy' than servers.

We 'know' that server technology has, for all intents and purposes, eclipsed transports in the last...

What does it mean when people describe Digital as Sounding like "Analog"? Best term?

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What do people really mean by that?

VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile
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An extremely enthusiastic subjective review by Michael Fremer - the kind of review that makes people say "I want them!" - followed by a measurement sections showing disappointing very poor measurements of signal to noise ratio by John Atkinson. Should we conclude that poor SNR improves sound quality? ;) The recent review of the new Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Momentum HD line...
Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality
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The goal of this thread is to share experiences with the Network environment associated with streamed digital music. The hypothesis is that just like other areas of audio, improvements to and optimization of the quality of the network used to stream digital music can have a very positive impact on sound quality. While the underlying principals are relatively straightforward, networking, by...
Sliding force???
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I accidentally happened upon an ECM LP with a blank fourth side ("Into The Silence")


and notice what happens:

Then I enabled and adjusted anti-skating to tame it:

I know ddk has designed his platter to provide a sliding effect to some degree, but I thought mine was excessive. Still trying to...

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