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Updating the Forum software in October / November 2020
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What's Best Forum migrated from vBulletin to Xenforo mid 2018.

This migration allowed us to offer a more modern and flexible forum with better graphics, image handling and many other features not possible in vBulletin.
We can announce we are to upgrade again!

We are to update our version of Xenforo v2.0.9 to the latest version Xenforo v2.1.11. This update will allow us...
The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback
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I came upon this article this morning and find it fascinating reading. Mr. Day makes a compelling case for seeking out gear with which one can enjoy a large variety of music, the "Listening Window". He describes his own system, a mix of vintage and new components, as sounding "musical". I also find interesting the claims about how far or not, high end audio has come over the years.

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Michael Lavorgna is preparing a review of the d1-tube (2020 edition) with embedded streamer board option + Totaldac digital cables.
This system will be reviewed for the first time.
This system is compact, not too expensive and gives full digital experience (Roon Ready or UPNP and more).
The review will be released in Twittering Machines web site...
What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?
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What speakers were used? And which 845 tubes?

Thanks in advance
Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet
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Hello, Joe Lavrencik here, Critical Mass Systems. I wanted to thank Mike and Steve for allowing me to post on Audio Sharks and What’s Best Forum about a new product I developed. (Please excuse the photo inserts. Didn't know how to make them smaller)

Those of you who have read about or tried Center Stage2 will have a leg up on new readers because you’ll likely see many references to Center...
SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!
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IMHO an audiophile switch is a mandatory components for all CAS audiophiles.
My favourite audiophile switches in the current market are SOtM sNH-10G, Melco S-100 and Telegartner M12 Gold.
I shared my views on them on various WBF threads before.
They possess diff sonic characters and if used in a dual-switch config, the mix&match of their sonics can make all CAS audiophiles happy.

Amongst the...

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