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SOtM sNH-10G : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup
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I wrote a thread about 3 months ago : The Best USB/Network Gadget Setup I have auditioned in 2018 : SOtM+Cybershaft+Uptone.

It has been surpassed in just 3 months' time!
I listened to the following setup last night ...

A Music Passion

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A thread for all genres, ranges, ages, formats, inspirations, in the moment, with comments, pictures, samples, videos, love sharing, ...all that jazz.

Yesterday I was surfing...internet café with a lathé.
This YouTube vidéo came up; I listened to it and I liked it.
So I'm posting it to share it, and I will explore more from her/them, you bet.
Paul McGowan Prefers Digital
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In Paul McGowan’s post today, “Album art,” on his PS Audio blog, https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/album-art/#comment-104603, he writes:

“My readers will know I prefer the dynamics, life, and sound quality of proper digital on a system specific to the medium.“

I commented:

I have great respect for your accomplishments, Paul, but I find your preference inexplicable. I understand...
My Little Barn
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I realized that since I joined WBF some years ago, I actually never presented my system.

The listening room is the main living room. It is a small converted barn in a tiny farmhouse from the late 19th century. With their hand made bricks, the walls are uneven surfaces acting like giant diffusors. The cathedral ceiling peaks at 5.5 meter. I live in a relatively quiet area and the ambient noise...
Zero Distortion: Tango Time
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Here you go...was waiting for the platform change to post.

  • It is important to note that I was here for 4 days. My conclusions changed as we moved from Day 1 to Day 2 to Day 3. So, if you start reading, and stop somewhere in the middle, you could be simply...
The General's System - Pnoe, Thomas Mayer, Vyger, Original LPs
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This article is for vinyl junkies, some digital only guys will not relate, but it is about my top 3 rooms, and insight into original pressings at one, if not the largest collector and reseller of vinyl in the world, who luckily lives in the city and I can visit regularly

Notes on:

  1. Pnoe...

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