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The General's System - Pnoe, Thomas Mayer, Vyger, Original LPs
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This article is for vinyl junkies, some digital only guys will not relate, but it is about my top 3 rooms, and insight into original pressings at one, if not the largest collector and reseller of vinyl in the world, who luckily lives in the city and I can visit regularly

Notes on:

  1. Pnoe...
A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server
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The Innuos Statement Server has been announced several months ago :

It has also been on demo at several HiFi shows and some preliminary audition impressions are available :

It has just arrived at...
Azimuth adjustment the easy way...
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I actually don't have a suggestion im looking for yours. I've always done it by sight and ear but there are better methods and devices like the fozgometer. What's your favorite method for adjusting azimuth of a phono cartridge?

keep it simple, i do have a fluke multimeter but dont own an O-scope/fully outfitted tech's bench.
Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner
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Hi y’all, just a few words on what I think is a worthy alternative to the Audio Desk Systeme and KLAudio ultrasonic cleaners.


I’ve been a beta tester on the Degritter for the last few weeks, and am happy to offer my opinions and answer any qs for those interested.

I believe official launch is in early May, and at this stage after a couple of...
SET amp owners thread
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Just requesting all SET amp owners to mention their amps and speakers.
Valin's new MSB Reference dac & transport review, AS Product Year Award
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last night i received my Jan 19' Absolute Sound Magazine, and there on the cover is the MSB Reference Dac.

i still get Stereophile and Absolute Sound in the mail, and must admit to mostly just scanning them here and there and rarely reading any review from start to finish. it's just not what i spend my time doing anymore. but an actual MSB review is pretty rare, and obviously as an MSB Select...

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