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The AudioKinesis Bohemian 215 design notes (more teaser content)
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The development of our new "statement" speaker system is now far enough along that we are releasing 3D renderings. For scale, those are 15" woofers and a 22" diameter horn:


The Bohemian 215 will come in two different versions: A 100 dB/1 watt efficient, specialty-tube-amp-friendly version; and a 95 dB/2.83 volt...
SETs and Horns
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There has been a lot of enthusiasm expressed on WBF about SETs and horns. Some passionate advocacy in discussions might even cause an impression that there are only advantages to this type of systems, no drawbacks.

So apart from questions of practicality, such as size of horns, WAF and money to be invested, my questions are:

1. In which areas to SET/horn systems excel?
2. In which areas can...
My thoughts on SW1X DAC II Special with USB
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I am not a huge contributor to this Board with maybe a dozen posts, likely less. I used to be a regular on AudioAsylum dating back to '95 or so and then on A-Gon forums. I live in Columbus OH, am a lawyer, and have zero connections to the audio industry.
So with that out of the way, my custom SW1X arrived ten days ago-the model in the subject line ordered through Joe Cohen of Lotus Group...
What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?
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What features of Roon are you guys using ? do they compensate for Roońs poorer sound quality?
Newest Amplifier Design by Kang Su Park - The Allnic M-2500 Monoblock
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Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia recently posted a review on the new Allnic M-2500 and I wanted to post my impressions and summarize what it offers. I have owned many tube amplifier designs...
VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile
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An extremely enthusiastic subjective review by Michael Fremer - the kind of review that makes people say "I want them!" - followed by a measurement sections showing disappointing very poor measurements of signal to noise ratio by John Atkinson. Should we conclude that poor SNR improves sound quality? ;) The recent review of the new Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Momentum HD line...

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