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Introducing Olympus & Olympus I/O - A new perspective on modern music playback
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For those who just started reading up on Olympus, Olympus I/O, and XDMI, please note that all information in this thread has been summarized in a single PDF document that can be downloaded from the Taiko Website.


The document is frequently updated.

Scroll down to the 'XDMI, Olympus Music...
Seismion - new active isolation platform from Germany
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At the end of last year, I was contacted by the founder of a new German manufacturer of isolators called Seismion. The founders are Dr Marcus Neubauer, he has a PhD in mechanical engineering, and Sebastian Mojrzisch, electrical engineer and former manager at Volkswagen (VW) in the pre-development. They are specialized in vibration technology and electronics. The brand Seismion was introduced...
The all new Lampizator Poseidon preamplifier
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The all new Lampizator Poseidon preamplifier​

I wanted to start a thread about the new Poseidon Preamplifier. I have been on the market for a while for a tube preamp, and was in contact with Lukasz looking at the original Lampizator Reference Preamplifier, which seemed to fit the bill. I have admired their DACs for some time, and thought these guys know...
Rockport Technologies Introduces Orion Loudspeaker
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SOUTH THOMASTON, Maine, May 18th, 2022 – After three years of intense development, and building on 30 years of cutting-edge loudspeaker design, Rockport Technologies is excited to introduce the all-new ORION loudspeaker. In keeping with Rockport’s understated, yet timeless style, the ORION strikes an impeccable balance of elegance and raw performance...

Robert Harleys 'listening room

Infigo Audio debuts the Method 6 Stereo Amplifier!
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Infigo Audio debuts the Method 6 Stereo Amplifier

Two-Channel Method 6 is Based on Infigo Audio’s Highly Popular Method 3 Monoblock

Infigo Audio, a prestigious Canadian company that designs and manufactures amplifiers, DACs, and cables for music lovers and audiophiles who...

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