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The all new Lampizator Poseidon preamplifier
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The all new Lampizator Poseidon preamplifier​

I wanted to start a thread about the new Poseidon Preamplifier. I have been on the market for a while for a tube preamp, and was in contact with Lukasz looking at the original Lampizator Reference Preamplifier, which seemed to fit the bill. I have admired their DACs for some time, and thought these guys know...
An Explanation of the Term "Suspension of Disbelief"
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I asked ChatGPT the question:

In the subjective hobby of high-end audio what is the meaning of "suspension of disbelief"?

ChatGPT responded:

In the subjective hobby of high-end audio, "suspension of disbelief" refers to the phenomenon where an individual, typically an audiophile or music enthusiast, experiences a level of immersion and emotional engagement in the music that goes...
Battle of the giants! Taiko vs Antipodes etc
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So I’m helping out building a system for someone and its come down to chose a source.

No CD’s or LP’s.

From what I have gathered, the first choice is the most popular one. I understand that its important to chose a brand that have been on the market for a while and that feels stable.

I would love to get some feedback from those who have the chance to compare or owned one or the other...
Introducing My System
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Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster.

This system is the latest iteration in the ever-changing pursuit of emotional evolvement in music and tonal correctness and dynamics of live instrument sound. Enjoy the video.

Klaudio can announce the launch of our new Magnezar high-end turntable
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Klaudio's designer Peter Cheon is the creator of the Ultrasonic Record Cleaner & the Tangential Tonearm.​

We can now announce the launch of the all new Magnezar Turntable.​

Klaudio is a designer and manufacturer of original, audio equipment and a pioneer in high-end audio for over a decade. Many will know of us from...

Robert Harleys 'listening room

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