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Aqua Acoustic Quality announce the new DIVA M2 high end CD Transport!
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The launch of the new La Diva M2 high end CD Transport!​

First a bit of history...

Aqua has never followed the whims of market fashion but has always remained focused on achieving true high fidelity sound reproduction.

By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, the R&D Department has brought forth a range of...
Building a world-class Horn system for Small Rooms
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After nearly 7 years, I think it's time to create a thread for my journey, in the hopes that it may inspire or help others with their own audiophile ambitions. My hypothesis was that world-class reproduction could be achieved in a small (~11'5" x 12'8" x 7'8) room. I think I have achieved it. I will post more photos and videos of playback over the next few months.

While my audiophile journey...
Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX First Impressions
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I just spent over six hours today listening to my friend's new Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeakers. Consistent with being blown away by the Master Chronosonic + Master Subsonic system at Maier Shadi's demo in Santa Monica, and consistent with a couple of reports by people who auditioned at Maier's both the Master Chronosonic and later the XVX and preferred the XVX, I am here to report...
My room treatment journey.
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I've researched different companies from Acoustic Fields (Dennis Foley) to Verbox, Sonitus and Artnovian.
The spectrum represents the balance between practicality, cost effectiveness, looks and effectiveness of the products.
Acoustic Fields sells bulky and expensive furniture going to very low frequencies. Not very transparent in communication and looks not very cost effective to me...
Takatsuki Tubes
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Hi All,

It's always exciting when a new company decides to dive into the foray of vacuum tube production.
Takatsuki is the newest player that I'm aware of in what we can call the luxury tube market.
So, any thoughts on these new beauties? The 274B is getting a lot of play on the Lampizator Horizon Dac.
I haven't heard anything about their 2a3, and not much more about their 300B.

vinyl upgrades; Dava, FCL tone arm, EMIA silver Phono Corrector, MC Trio
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i've finished my digital push....and been working on a few odds and ends to fine tune my vinyl. had my 3 tt's for 3 years now, thought long and hard about consolidating the 3 into one 'big-boy' tt, but at the end of the day have decided that the three tt's cover state of the art vinyl rotating and so they are all keepers. i like what each does too much, and nothing else enough, to change. i...

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