Gryphon Essence


Jun 13, 2020
New Jersey
Thanks so much for the comparison, @taww ! I owned the A3.5s on high efficiency speakers some years ago and they were quite good. The only flaw was a loss of resolution compared to much more expensive amps. I’m curious if the A4mk2 has increased this. I recently heard the Essence and it was very nice- and different from the older more chocolate Gryphon sound.
I haven’t heard any other Valvets but I find resolution to be a relative strength of the A4 mk2, at least compared to amps I've heard under $10k or so (and probably even some above). The Essence is certainly at another level but the Valvet is very fast and detailed in its own right. Looking at the types of upgrades Knut has made over the course of 2 model generations, I get the sense that transparency and dynamics should be much improved over the A3.5.
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