CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)


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May 31, 2010
Indeed it's an L1 and is the only CH Precision component in the chain.


Jul 31, 2015
Washington, DC
Indeed it's an L1 and is the only CH Precision component in the chain.
Yep. A list of the components in that room can now be found here:



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Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong

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" ... The 10 Series checks all the audiophile boxes—realistic timbres, expansive sense of space and depth, great speed, wide dynamic contrasts—but these electronics have an extra dose of musical magic that defies audiophile descriptors. "

Elliot G.

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Jul 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
After DIY amp Classe Meridian Mark levinson krell Boulder i finally gave up on solid state .
I found the sound differences not worth the money .
I ll be hearing the latest on solid state ( hopefully) at the dutch show other wise the whole spectrum at munich incl CH .
I ve got $$ to spend but it needs to be an improvement not a side step

Ps i listen with my own ears , i don't really care what reviewers like or not like
I certainly can't nor won't try to tell you what you like. I do suggest however that if you are to listen to CH Precision that you try to listen to a M10/L10 set up with a great source whether that is analog or digital. I am receiving my L10 shortly to go with my M10 power amp and if the L10 does nearly what the M10 did in my room I am going top be a very happy person.
I don't believe this is a tube/SS thing and in fact if you actually listen to both in the same exact room and system you might find that your mind would change.
Audio shows, which we gladly do, to show our stuff and try to get some interest, in no way is the same thing as listening to a mature system in a well done room.
I personally have done direct comparisons with CH and ARC and VAC in clients homes that have mature well set up systems multiple times and they all purchased and traded in their old gear.

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