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I like this very much, and I greatly admire his relaxed and controlled technique. Bit too much pedal here for my taste, but as a sometime harpsichord player, I would say that...

Legato without pedal is not easy;)
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But let's agree - in a very smooth and classy manner:)
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I have now had this for a week, and it is addictively good. so much so, that i have decided to investigate further Esoteric Remasterings. I have the Estoeric Barbirolli Mahler 5th which is also insanely addictive to listen to (for me).

I just ordered this:

Esoteric Jazz.jpg
I made a 'desert island' list not too long ago, and they're what I can listen to all year (though I don't really do it to prevent record wear) without getting listener's fatigue. :)

1. Kornet Har Sin Vila
Original 1981 Pressing Proprius Sweden
2.The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain
Valiant USA & Mareco Phils. Stereo Pressings
3. The Weavers - Reunion at Carnegie Hall
Vanguard USA Gray Stereolab 1st Pressing Gatefold Cover
4. Brothers Four Sings Lennon McCartney
Columbia USA 2 Eyes Stereo
5. Kenny G Live
Arista USA 2 LP Gatefold (Promo and Regular US pressings)
6. La Fille Mal Gardee
Decca Wide Band UK 1st Pressing
7. Dave Grusin - Mountain Dance
Nimbus Supercut UK Pressing
8. Earl Klugh - Living Inside Your Love
Nimbus Supercut UK Pressing
9. Carol Kidd - All My Tomorrows
Aloi Linn Original UK Pressing
10. Doris Day - Latin for Lover
Columbia USA 2 eyes Stereo
11. Julie London - Latin in a Satin Mood
Liberty USA Stereo
12. Best of Julie London - Best 20
Liberty Japan Stereo
13. Radka Toneff - Fairytales
Odin Original Pressing, Norway
14. Beverley Craven – Self Titled
Sony/Epic UK
15. Anne Karin Kaasa - Svalande Vind
Kirkelig Records, Sweden
16. Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat
Cypress USA Original Pressing
17. Mary Black - Babes in the Woods
Grapevine UK Pressing
18. Cantate Domino
Proprius Original, JVC half speed, Super Analog and ATR German Mastercut
19. Dionne Warwick - I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Scepter USA Stereo
20. The Mambo Kings OST
Warner German Pressing

If I get to buy a bigger island, I'd bring these too. :)

1. Friday Night in San Francisco
CBS DM Japan Pressing
2. Jazzical - Wayne Bedrosian Trio
Perpetua Records JVC Test Pressing and US Regular Pressing
3. Charango - Jaime Torres*
Messidor Germany
4. All-Star Percussion Ensemble Plays Bizet
Golden String Records, Doug Sax Mastering 180g pressing
5. Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um
Columbia Original 6 Eyes USA
6. Saul Goodman - Mallets Melody and Mayhem
Columbia Original 6 Eyes USA Stereo
7. Pigs Eye Jass
Insight Records USA
8. Don Shirley Trio - Water Boy
Original Cadence Records Stereo USA
9. L.A. Four - Just Friends
Concord Records Direct to Disc
10. Moonlight Serenade
Original Jeton Records Germany
11. Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman
Original UK Island Solid Pink Label 1st Pressing
12. Gounod Faust/ Bizet Carmen
RCA USA Original and Classic Records Pressing
13. Hi Fi ala Espanola
Mercury USA Original and Classic Records Pressing
14. Mysterious World of Bernard Herrmann
Original UK Decca PFS Pressing
15. Yamamoto Trio - Midnight Sugar
TBM Toshiba/EMI Pressing Japan
16. Beethoven - Appassionata
Japan RCA 45 RPM
17. Provocative Percussion - Enoch Light
Command Records Original USA
18. Dafos – Micky Hart, Airto Moreira
Reference Recordings
19. James Newton Howard and Friends
Sheffield Lab Direct to Disc
20. Professor Johnson Astounding Sound Show
Reference Recordings 45 RPM
21. Ortofon Test Record 003
Ortofon Original Pressing
22. For Duke
M&K Direct Disc
23. Koto Vivaldi Four Seasons
Toshiba/EMI Japan Pressing
24. Belafonte at Carnegie Hall
RCA USA Original Pressing Living Stereo
25. John Klemmer - Straight From the Heart
Nautilus Direct to Disc
26. Royal Ballet - Ansermet
RCA USA Original and Classic Records Pressings
27. Sheffield Track Record
Sheffied Lab Direct Disc
28.Time Warp
Telarc Records
29. Antiphone Blues
Proprius Original and ATR pressings
30. Lincoln Mayorga & Friends Vol. 1 (S9) and Vol. 3
Sheffield Lab Direct Disc
Automatic disqualification for Kenny G…….
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