Technics dPv/EAR - RS1700 Reel to Reel modified by Tim deParavicini

Andrew K

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Mar 2, 2011
Seattle, WA
This is a rare opportunity to own a high-end legend and an audiophile extreme quality piece.
For sale is dPv EAR RS-1700 playback and recording tape machine modified in UK by Tim de Paravicini (dPv/EAR) in pristine condition. The tape path and electronics modified to provide the best possible playback of IEC master tapes.

It has a selector switch for NAB, IEC & Tim's EQ. Normally only the RS-1700 has built-in EQ switching between NAB and IEC. Tim has added this EQ switching as well as his own EQ setting. The Technics playback and record circuit boards and components have been upgraded, as well as: higher quality RCA sockets, three prong AC inlet (Furutech IEC FI-09 Rhodium), internal power wires.

Included with this unit:
1) Autoreversing heads and the 2-track heads from an RS-1700 all reworked by Tim (dPv).
2) Owner's Manual.
3) Original Remote Control.
4) Empty Reel

No pre-amplifier needed. It has a build-in preamp with volume control, just hook up directly to the power amp and play.

THE SOUND QUALITY QUALITY IS ABSOLUTELY SUPERB! Seriously way beyond a regular RS1700 and even professional grade studio machines. Those familiar with dPv’s work will appreciate the level of performance with this unit as well as it’s uniqueness. This unit has seen very little use. Was stored in my LP vault room. It is essentially in the exact same condition that it was in when it was received from EAR. There are only a handful of Tim's Technics RS1700 in existence. If you want yours updated, it can take 12+ months.

This is a US spec Technics 120VAC unit. Personal checks need to clear before shipping. I don’t have an original shipping box, so I will work with shipping carrier on proper package and shipping.

P.S. Tim de Pavaravicini modified the tape decks for Pink Floyd! Tim has done the majority of tape recorder modification for the audiophile re-issue tape decks including those used at MFSL, RTI and The Tape Project. Tim does pro gear mods directly, EAR is his consumer gear.

: All of the electronics have been replaced with custom electronics. The EQ and bias switches work likely they do on every other tape deck. Bias is only an issue if you are using the machine to make recordings. The EQ switch should be set to corresponded to the EQ of the tape being played. - The bottom setting is NAB, the standard setting for most US-made tapes. - The middle setting is CCIR (also called IEC), which is setting for most non-US tapes, but also for the tapes made by the Tape Project folks. - The top setting is Tim's own EQ, which should only be used if tape being played was recorded with this bias setting
BTW my friend Mike Lavigne (active member here) also can give you a feedback about this machine if needed.


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