1. J

    Lampizator Big 7 mk2 - upgrade tubes or move to Pacific or Technics?

    So - I’m new to this forum, but have been in the hobby for long enough to go pretty deep… my current quandary is how best to progress my digital front end without going completely nuts. I will start by saying that the Lampizator Big 7 is the first DAC I have ever had that comes close enough to...
  2. B

    Restaurant Fit Out Setup Help - Hersey IVs vs. RP-600M IIs - A First In My Country

    I've shared this on the Klipsch Community general Forum and hoping I'd also get some collaborative help and feedback here. Reaching out for help from anyone in the community with knowledge, advice and expertise when installing a system in a commercial restaurant space. Writing this in a...
  3. Wahnamhong

    Kuzma Stabi S vs Technics 1200GR

    Hi all, new member here. Five years ago I sold my Technics SL1210 turntables, having been a hobby dj. I am now looking to get back into the game, that is listening to vinyl at home as I still have many records. The obvious buy would be a Technics 1200GR, the new model priced around 1400 euro...
  4. K

    Rookie / Technics Turntable SL-BD20, Technics Receiver SA-EX310 help

    Helping a friend revive her father's Technics Turntable SL-BD20. We hooked it up to Technics Receiver SA-EX310 and Bose Model 141 Speakers. Plays for a few seconds and then receiver has "Overload" error message. What did we do wrong? I double checked that the speaker polarity was correct...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Munich High-End 2018 Ron Report: Technics

    This new SP-10R turnable from Technics was on static display. It looks very well made and machined up close.
  6. Ki Choi

    FS: Technics SP-10Mk3 with Artisan Fidelity plinth

    Hi I am selling my Technics SP-10Mk3 that has been completely rebuilt in Japan with all new and top grade electrolytic caps, new variable pots, all new solder joints, and precisely calibrated for perfect operation . It works flawlessly and comes in an Artisan Fidelity double arm plinth with a...
  7. Andrew K

    Technics dPv/EAR - RS1700 Reel to Reel modified by Tim deParavicini

    This is a rare opportunity to own a high-end legend and an audiophile extreme quality piece. For sale is dPv EAR RS-1700 playback and recording tape machine modified in UK by Tim de Paravicini (dPv/EAR) in pristine condition. The tape path and electronics modified to provide the best possible...
  8. F

    Technics 1200mk2

    Recently dug my turntables out of storage. I have been using one of them for a few months now, and have been doing a lot of reading to update my knowledge of the equipment available today. The turntables I own were bought in the mid eighties, and I am wondering if equipment this old is good "as...

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