Seeking general input on why my fridge is making POP sounds


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Jan 13, 2016
Hi guys,

I know this is a "best of" forum. I thought there would be a thread for asking about issues. Didn't see it.

Any how here goes..if you're going to remove my post so be it...

About 2 months ago I bought a cheap fridge from Best Buy. A $550 Insignia 18-cbft size. One of the smallest. Every day there would be a faint POP sound from the side. Right side. This happened years ago when I bought a 18 cu Samsung...that time the pop sounds sounded more like some one was bouncing small rocks INSIDE the fridge from time to time. Don't recall if the sound went away. Or if I called for a repair man.

Any ideas what's going on with my new fridge? I assumed you just plug in a fridge. That there's nothing to be setup first?? Something in the back? Odd this happened with another fridge i bought 8 years ago. :) I had moved since. :)

Could be a noisy solenoid opening/closing???

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