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Mar 12, 2017
I emailed Airbearing (Eckart) and he told me about his version and yours from Acoustical Systems. I saw that picture of another version and was wondering what the pricing could be. To do Airbearings version would require me to see a machine shop and I am feeling lazy. I would appreciate the contact info of your guy for the arm mount.
My EMT has the big power supply, so there is a transformer there covered in a metal box. I have the Korean made suspension base so it may be a little different from your German made one. View attachment 49492
I talked to my tonearm guy already. This custom armbase was done for the EMT banana arm and the tt suspension frame is needed to be drilled. He has not a template for the SME mount. I think it is best to have a fabricator do it overthere to make exact measurements for you.

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