Invisible Room Treatment


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May 24, 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia.
We moved into our current house three years ago and since then I’ve struggled with the acoustics in the front room where my main system resides.

The room is very reverberant and has a high pitch flutter echo as well. Even with furniture, curtains and rugs in the room. Muddying the sound and definition and loosing connection with the music.

We have also had trouble with the dinning room that also has very hard acoustics that makes conversations hard when there are many people in the room.

Recently I took the plunge and decided to do something about it. Specifically, to apply the system that a friend of mine had installed in his new house.

The ceilings are covered with 20mm of special mineral wool. This is in turn covered with a very thin acoustically transparent white plaster which makes the treatment virtually invisible.

The improvement is remarkable. Much much better definition, clarity and involvement. Improved transients and bass too. Highly recommended.
Beautiful listening space !
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Aug 21, 2019
Yes all included. Also worth mentioning that they did a very nice and clean job. No need for painting or extensive cleaning afterwards.
So I guess that's a pretty fair deal, to be honest. Seems like a professional job that does not create side-tasks and additional problems. Sometimes this kind of service is priceless... And you also seem to be pretty satisfied with the service and the outcome.
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