How to properly stream TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, et cetera?


Jan 6, 2022
Hi guys,

So I've been meaning to ask if there's an optimal way to stream these streaming service, if you know what I mean..., like some players which directly support TIDAL or Qobuz or Amazon Music and stuff, but what if I stream TIDAL through Roon, would the sound quality get better? and why?
I know that Roon does a lot of signal purification jobs during the whole transmitting process, still, I'm very much confused hahaha, since the cloud service is the original place of the music files, no? how come during the transmission the sound could be optimized!?

If that's a true fact that it's possible to level up the sound quality better than the original, so the theory can also be applying on the hardware parts I presume, like I can buy an real nice hi-end router to upgrade the network quality from the beginning, then the DC power supply, audio grade network switch, specialized cables, all the way to speakers, is that right?



Dec 26, 2017
For me I don't know of an exact answer to your question. I have listened for units that support Roon and units that don't. You really just need to try different units and see what you like.

Now there are a lot of things people are doing to "improve/change" the sound of their digital. From network routers, to switches, to fiber transceivers, to power supplies, etc. I'm a believer that things like these can change the sound and if one feels it is better, great.

In my personal setup I use Roon and don't have an "audiophile' router or switch. All I know is when I hit play in my room the music sounds great to me. Maybe one day I will get the bug to try different routers/switches but no time soon.


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Feb 4, 2011
Alpharetta, Georgia
There are actual audio grade routers about to come to market. That is the next thing and may supersede the audio grade switch.

The best sound I have heard from streaming in my system is running Ethernet into the back of my dCS Rossini directly from my ATT Uverse router. I usually use Roon because of its amazing functionality but the dCS Mosaic sounds a bit better. We will see what happens when my clock arrives in a week or so.

For USB, the best I have heard is Jim Smith’s setup with a dedicated audio computer playing files off a drive using Audirvana as the player…but in my system I use Amarra Luxe and it comes close.

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