1. Preston8452

    Any song recommendations for testing purposes?

    Hi y'all, So me and my pal came up with an idea about testing our own " streaming system " and see which is better, but yeah ofc, there can only be one variable, otherwise the test wouldn't be fair, no? we decided to only change the streamer/player in each test, well luckily, my friend who...
  2. Karen Sumner


    Thank you for your many thought-provoking responses to the previous thread, “SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTIER”. This thread ties together some of these ideas. Microstrip said: “Unless people understand that the objective of sound reproduction is much more than just the enjoyment of people looking for...
  3. Preston8452

    How to properly stream TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, et cetera?

    Hi guys, So I've been meaning to ask if there's an optimal way to stream these streaming service, if you know what I mean..., like some players which directly support TIDAL or Qobuz or Amazon Music and stuff, but what if I stream TIDAL through Roon, would the sound quality get better? and why...
  4. Preston8452

    Which NAS should I choose?

    Hi guys, It's just sorta a general wondering, so recently I've been thinking about purchasing a NAS for audio storage and stuff, I used to just simply store music with USB, but I read some articles about NAS, it seems to me that most audiophiles possess one to cooperate with their Hi-Fi gear...
  5. Preston8452

    Digital Audio Output Differences? Is USB Audio Really The Top-notch?

    Hello guys, So after some struggles between spending time in optimizing my PC audio functionalities and adopting a dedicated music streamer, I opted for the second one. I purchased the Munich M1T by Silent Angel, given it's good reviews in UK and Germany and Switzerland, I thought it wouldn't...
  6. Preston8452

    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    I think it's been a quite controversial topic for years, like what's the difference between normal network switch and an audio grade network switch, the price difference is certainly obvious though... Anyway, I've done some researches, most audio reviewers say that under this " new digital...
  7. D

    Amplifiers and DJ mixers?

    Hi, I have 2 turntables and a mixer that I’ve picked up recently as I used to DJ and missed messing around with my old record collection. Recently though I have been delving into the world of hi fi sounds and I’m confused to say the least! I currently am playing my older rock vinyl through a...
  8. Damon Von Schweikert

    VSA Endeavor SE Video Tour

    Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to present the latest addition to our line of reference loudspeakers, the Endeavor SE. Every Von Schweikert Audio loudspeaker brings you closer than ever before to the source, so that you can experience the live event in the privacy of your home. With the Endeavor...
  9. Euphoria speakers

    Euphoria speakers

    These unique stereo hifi speakers take advantage of the ideal properties of a full-range driver. They are characterized by their detailed elocution, excellent spatiality and instrument localization. Aside from the full-range driver, the Euphoria speakers are also fitted with a strong, highly...
  10. stereotype

    High End Munich 2017 - 4 days Audio show

    Here as promised my High End Munich 2017 Photos. Have fun! Thomas
  11. AudioFlea

    AudioFlea, Your New HiFi Marketplace is Here!

    Good morning audiophiles! My business partner, Todd DeSantis and I may have met some of you over the past year at Axpona and THE Show Newport but if we haven't, we are excited to meet you now and we invite you to come check out our fresh approach to HiFi Classifieds, audioflea.com. A...
  12. Jaguar

    Our Newest Video! -- "The Jaguar Guide to Buying Vinyl"

    This segment is targeted at those just getting into vinyl. The project has turned into a 3-part vinyl video series, starting with Jaguar Turntable Setup, now Buying Vinyl and Part 3, my "50 Best Pressings", which is coming around January and I expect the one this crowd will be most interested...

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