1. ketcham

    Allnic Receives TWO Products of the Year Award from HiFi+ 2023!!!

    We are proud to announce two awards at this year's end! For the original reviews published in 2023, see our Allnic Review Page for all professional print and video reviews for the current production line. This page is updated regularly. July, 2023 Review of D10,000 by HiFi+'s Alan Sircom...
  2. Darmstadtium

    What DACs are you using with your K50 ?

    I am using my K50 MK2 with the denafrips Terminator . Curious to hear what DACs do fellow K50 users have and their experiences
  3. KR Audio 300B  Balloon (1)

    KR Audio 300B Balloon (1)

    New condition! Tube speaks to all who are fans. You deserve the best.
  4. Ricco275

    Fuse upgrade for MBS DAC

    I’m about to receive my new MSB discrete dac and pretty excited about it. I have a spare SR purple fuse which I have in my previous dac. It’s a 2A and not a 2.5A as the one coming standard with MSB. Would it work as well? Is the SR purple a good match with the MSB discrete? Thanks for the advice.
  5. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi Studio announcement! - iFi News

    iFi Audio has presented a new series of devices - Zen Studio, designed specifically for recording studios' needs. This series is based on the already popular Zen series but has been enriched with new features and connections adapted to the requirements of a professional recording studio. The...
  6. KrellFan1

    My Mola Mola Tambaqui Revuew

    Hi everyone; since I’m new to the forum I thought I’d offer up a humble review of the latest addition to my system - the Tambaqui DAC. As background, I’d enjoyed my PS Audio DAC for about 8 years, and was ready for an upgrade. The wild thing is, I bought and paid for another top shelf (not named...
  7. Thundersnow

    Lampizator Golden Gate 3 Impressions

    Thanks to my buddy @Golum I think I'm one of the first(?) people to be enjoying the new iteration of Lampizator's Golden Gate DAC, the Golden Gate 3. First off, a bit of background. I've been a user of the Esoteric digital front-end for some time now. My current Esoteric Setup consists of the...
  8. ketcham

    Announcing the D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC - an industry first!

    THE NEW D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC PROUDLY ANNOUNCING ALLNIC’S NEW FLAGSHIP DAC! Continuing to think about the theme of the last few blog entries here, it’s appropriate to pause from time to time and recognize again the incredible choices we are so lucky to have to enable the reproduction of music in...
  9. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN Air DAC - The Official Thread

    ZEN Air DAC A breath of fresh Air. USB DAC + headphone amp Winner of a host of awards since launching in 2019, the ZEN DAC and its V2 successor deliver a performance that competes with DAC/headphone amps at...
  10. dCS Rossini DAC

    dCS Rossini DAC

    I'm selling out my entire stereo system as I'm moving to TX and building a new home with dedicated listening room. Won't be ready for at least a year or so and won't want to keep things in storage as my housing is up in the air. Here's the ad for my Rossini DAC (a year old now). All original...
  11. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio Go Blue Case - The Official Thread

    It is finally here. The Go blu case. Specifically designed to fit your GO blu. The GO blu case is an essential accessory for the everyday commuter, jetsetter, or fitness fanatic. This snug fitting case is unique to iFi with an embossed logo detail. It is a bespoke partner for...
  12. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio Go Blue - The Official Thread

    Today is the day! The GO blu is here! HD Bluetooth DAC. Our new GO blu, pocket-rocket portable HD DAC/amp, is diminutive enough to take with you wherever you go! It gives you best sound from wired but the convenience of wireless as you no longer need to have a cable connection to your...
  13. Emerald

    C1+T1+X1 or C1 Mono or something else?

    Hello, I am a new CH convert (from Naim, Devialet and Vitus). I am planning to purchase a full CH frontend comprising of C1 + T1(GPS) + X1 + M1.1. Speakers are not yet decided but I am looking at Focal Scala Utopia, B&W 802D3, Magico A5 or a used Tidal Sunray G2. When calculating, I found...
  14. C

    DAC Denafrips Pontus 2 or AUDIO GD R8 2021

    Bonjour à tous Je possède depuis 2 mois un DAC audio GD R8 2021 en remplacement d'un Network Player Lumin D1 et le choix vers l'écoute d'un DAC R2R est à la hauteur de mes attentes. Cependant un autre acteur du marché du DAC sans parler de Denafrips produit des DACS de qualité et le Pontus 2...
  15. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio GND Defender - The Official Thread

    Today we're releasing the first two products in our SilentPower range - the DC Blocker and the GND Defender. https://ifi-audio.com/products/dc-blocker/ https://ifi-audio.com/products/gnd-defender/
  16. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio iTraveller - The Official Thread

    How does our iTraveller keep your gear sorted AND usable while you're out and about? Learn more: https://ifi-audio.com/products/itraveller/ Buy now: https://ifi-audio.com/buy/itraveller/
  17. rubinken

    WTB: DCS Rossini DAC or Vivaldi DAC

    I'm trying to buy a gently used DCS Rossini DAC or Vivaldi DAC in good shape for use in Olympia, WA USA. Ready to buy now! Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks, Musically, Ken * Note If this should be posted elsewhere, please let me know.
  18. AMR / iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX / ZEN DAC Signature !!!

    iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX As you may all know, iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX was originally to be Drop-branded, as described here: (Please see 38:16 - 39:09) It's now iFi branded but will still launch as a Drop exclusive. SEE IT ON DROP HERE! iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX...
  19. ketcham

    Waversa Systems' Multi-Layer Energy Transfer (WMLET)

    *Full-Balanced WE408A Western Electric V DAC by Waversa Systems - the original WMLET Technology application. Channel separation technology for the audio frequency range (WMLET – Waversa Multi-Layer Energy Transfer) Waversa Systems has introduced two unique technologies that make optimal use...
  20. ketcham

    Waversa Audio Processor - at the heart of it all.

    To first introduce Waversa, I believe it best to discuss what is at the heart of their product line, and that common denominator is the Waversa Audio Processor. The Waversa Audio Processor is fundamentally unique in the industry, a very different approach to digital processing, designed from...
  21. L

    Roon card for 1611F and N31

    At Kyomi Audio, we are among the very first users of the newly designed Roon card for MBL DACs by Jürgen Reis. All we can say is wow!! It took Jürgen a long time to develop and he made something truly spectacular. He personally told me that he galvanically isolated everything that he possible...
  22. dwb13

    Help with USB DAC and Moto G6

    Hello! I made an account solely for this post because there's no one I know who can help me with this. I have no idea what the rules for this website are, so I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here, but whatever. Just a foreword: I am not an audiophile, I'm a college sophomore with very...
  23. AMR / iFi audio

    Ifi Audio Zen Blue is behind the corner

    Get ready, this beauty is coming out soon. Enlightened audio at a down-to-earth price. Zen Blue is the first of a new range of audio components priced at just £129, US$129 and €149, iFi’s ZEN Blue delivers hi-res Bluetooth streaming to any audio system. iFi kicks off a new range of...
  24. J

    Ypsilon DAC

    Black in color mint 10/10 condition NOS DAC from Ypsilon for sale 230 V for Europe and Asian countries any interest please PM me Price 10000 euros.
  25. W

    Khadas Tone Board Looking for Reviewers!

    Thank you for What's Best Forums allow us to post a thread of Khadas Tone Board here and let more user know our Tone Board. And we take this chance to invite the forum members to ask for sample reviews. Please link to http://szwesion.com/free-sample/ to get more free sample reviewing details. if...
  26. Believe High Fidelity

    DCS Vivaldi System (DAC, Clock, Upsampler) in Black Austin, TX 35K

    Have a superb condition 3 box Vivaldi System for Sale taken in on trade Vivaldi DAC Inputs: AES/EBU x4 (each can be used independently or as dual pairs to accept DSD or DXD); SPDIF x3 (two RCA, one BNC); SDIF-2; USB Type B, word clock x3 Outputs: One stereo pair balanced on XLR jacks, one...
  27. Cableman

    FS EMM LABS CDSE SE + DAC6E. Great sounding transport/ dac combo

    THE PRICE IS THE LOWEST YOU WILL SEE Just £6300.00 + courier if youre looking you already know how good the digital combination is but here's some guff any way The CDSD Signature Edition transport is, quite clearly, a breakthrough product. After all, it’s the product of Ed Meitner’s...
  28. M

    Raspberry Pi as Digital server

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I don't see a lot of activity around the Raspberry Pi as a serious component in an audiophile setup. Is there much interest in using the Pi as a digital transport? Add-ons like the HifiBerry Digi+, Allo Digione or Pi 2 Design 502DAC seem to be a very cost effective...
  29. John57

    COS Engineering DAC 1

    Ever since I read the review by Srajan Ebaen of the D1 DAC from COS Engineering I am keen to learn more. He certainly waxed lyrical. Is this in the same league as say the TotalDAC or dCS Vivaldi? At $9000 MSRP it seems to want to be there. Hailing from Taiwan, according to Sranan it has many...
  30. B

    Wadia 12 Dac or Rega dac

    Good day, I would like your hear your experience with either the WADIA 12 DAC or REGA DAC. And what would be your choice? Thank you Buzz

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