Vyda Laboratories Artemis Speaker Cable


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Aug 15, 2023
Hey there!
I just wanted to share my thoughts on the latest Artemis speaker cable. I've actually tried out the Orion full silver and HFC lines before, but the Artemis is a bit different ( and cheaper). I think the main difference comes from the copper alloy of the wires and its presentation in the musical sphere. It works really well with systems that need balance, as it tones down the brightness and high pinch in the HF tones. But it doesn't overly smooth down the mid-high frequency either. The cable has this amazing top-to-bottom balance that is unlike any other cable out there. And you don't have to worry about it overexposing treble, bass or mids, as the Artemis balances everything evenly across the board with a pleasant soundstage expansion. Assuming you have neutral amplifiers and a suitable source, the Artemis line of cables should work well. The Orion line may be better for tubes and softer electronics, though. It's part of the Vyda family, and it's no surprise that it lives up to the company's legacy of balancing musical neutrality without compromise (or something like that).

I actually saw a lot of Vyda cables at the Munich Hi-Fi Deluxe show in 2023, so it seems like many people trust this brand. Anyway, I'll let you know about the Koral PC cables in the next chapter.

Oh, and by the way, I got these cables from Hi-End Audio in Sydney, Australia. You should definitely check them out. Pshhhh, I got a great deal on Vyda cables!
Vyda Laboratory Audio Solutions - Hi End Audio
thank you for sharing,
i just ordered a bunch of Artemis cables. (PC, IC, and Digital AES)
i have Orion HFC Phono cable for my VYGER and it absolutely one of the Best cable i ever had!
Hope the Artemis will be similar at sq.


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