1. J

    Single or multiple strand wire and other cable design properties: what is their value contribution and does it matter for what?

    Recently I’ve become aware of a number of different designs for various cables Speaker cable - my current best practice example is a 9ga multi strand twisted silver and copper thread made up of fine single threads. Others I use vary from isolated Westinghouse copper wire again in twisted...
  2. L

    Using a headphone or s/pdif cord as a microphone cord

    I want to record the audio from my digial piano,by sending the sound to my computer with windows 10. I have bougth a normal 3,5 mm minijack sound cable. My pc (laptop) only have 2 sound cords. One is a audio output, for example for headphones, and a s/pdif cord(which i am not 100% sure what...
  3. Believe High Fidelity

    Vermouth Audio Launches their Newest Line of Cables for 2018!

    Vermouth has been celebrated in the press award after award for building arguably the best cable to compete at the Ultra High end level but at a price point mere mortals can afford without breaking the bank. High performance and High value (see the press reviews here) So what about making...
  4. J

    In my experience...humble though it is.

    I use only one brand of cables...with only one clear methodology in mind. I like what I hear, and of course I might like to upgrade even further is due course, but will always go for source then components then a general set of rules. Of course there are no rules, and opportunity...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Basis Audio cables

    Does anyone have any experience with Basis Audio speaker cables or interconnects?
  6. K

    Ultra Extreme interconnects

    MasterBuilt Ultra interconnect audition When I attended the Chicago Axpona Audio Fest in March 2013, I was fortunate enough to be offered a pair of new MasterBuilt "Ultra" two meter balanced XLR interconnects from Delphi Aerospace to audition. When pressed for details on the Ultras, the only...

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