Triplanar Owners - help please


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Jan 18, 2019
The Triplanar with the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze is great all though it is fun to play one side of a lp then play the other side with the M2-9 with the Soundsmith Zephyr III which offers a warmer perspective I find that I ten to like the SS on older jazz lp's. As of today the SME 10 will be taken down it is already for sale on usaudiomart and my new Dr Feickert Blackbird will be installed. I also have bought 2 other arms a used Thales Simplicity 2 and the new Jelco 850M that I put on the blackbird first


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Mar 4, 2014
the Upper Midwest
Coming back to this thread. Bill did you ever resolve the issue with your Triplanar and the VDH colibri XGW?
I spent ages trying to make it work. I must have spent a 2 weeks altering ever parameter to improve things (Triplanar very good for this) to no avail.
A solution is to have Mr. vdH build a cartridge for a Tri-Planar, which is what I ended up doing. ("It fits all other tonearms, but I'll make one for you.")

That cartridge (Mstr Sig Strad) arrived and it does indeed fit the Tri-Planar. The wood body is narrower with enough clearance on each side to allow turning the cartridge to adjust for alignment. Interestingly, there are no inserted metal threads and cartridge bolts go directly into threaded holes in the wood body - so don't torque down the bolts or the wood may split. Alignment was simple as the cantilever was straight on and without wobble.



Edit: still waiting for one that mates with the effective mass of my 4Point.
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