Taking the Lumin X-1 DAC/Streamer to a Higher Level


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May 29, 2018
Angus, Leung, Founder and Chief Engineer of Westminster Labs has developed an upgraded DC power cable that connects the Lumin X1s external power supply to the mothership. As many Lumin owners know, the external power supply is one of the key features of their flagships' excellent performance.

Given Angus's close relationship with Lumin, he set out to create a cable that would enable the X1 to reach even higher heights. Using Westminsters bespoke "Autria Alloy" solid-core conductor, the DC power-link enables the X1 to reach new heights. Autria Alloy undergoes extensive heat and cryo treatment after the extrusion process. It is then hand-polished to a mirror-like finish and coated with a special epoxy-based material before insertion into a PTFE tube. As a further part of the process, each conductor is twisted at varying degrees along the length of the cable in a manner that lowers the noise floor and improves fidelity.

1. carbon fiber outer sleeve (shown below) for even greater protection against radiated noise
2. cable length: .6 or 1.2 meters

Interested Lumin X1 owners may request pricing and a no-obligation in-home demo by sending me a DM.




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Jul 4, 2011
San Francisco Bay Area
Someone had to be first: It's my pleasure and privilege to be the first U.S. customer for the WestminsterLab LUMIN DC Cable (thank you Gary and Angus). Inspired by High Fidelity (Wojciech Pacuła) and Mono & Stereo (Matej Isak) reviews, and with great faith in the people behind the product at Lumin (Angus' contribution is highlighted by the analog output section of the X1), I took the plunge.

I'm delighted to report that once it settled in (break-in is a thing), the WL cable has taken my already sweet-sounding system (Lumin X1, Marantz Reference SC-7S2 and MA-9S2 amps, Tannoy Canterbury GR speakers, Furutech AC distribution and interconnects, Masterbuilt and Triode Wire Labs cords, Iconoclast speaker cables) another notch up.

It's hard for a non-reviewer to characterize, but the background is "blackest" to date, and music (100% streaming with Tidal HiFi, including MQA; mostly acoustic blues and folk) really pops! Perhaps most striking is hearing subtle percussion sounds previously hidden in the mix – bongo, cymbals, maracas, tambourine – revealed for the first time. Edges are well-defined vs. sanded off. Bass drums have palpable, dynamic impact.

More than ever, I'm convinced that how we turn electricity into sound matters, and that systematically eliminating noise from a system is a huge return on capital (and time) invested. I'm thrilled to have maximized my Lumin X1 performance with the WL DC cable, and expect you will be, too.

Cheers, Brian
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Feb 17, 2020
A DC cable has a major impact on the sound quality. I am glad that the WL cable is taking things to new heights to an already excellent Lumin X1.
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