SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!


Dec 28, 2015
Almeria Spain
Interesting thread guys. So, my network is up for some tweaks.

My room has:
Fibre optical input 400 Mbs into Fibre box > Movistar Router with Ethernet and Wifi > Ethernet cable > 432 EVO Music server.

Of course I first changed the power on the Router to 9V DC LPS. I am now looking at what next.

1. SOtM switch after the Router/Wifi and pace it ear my system, then Final Touch Audio Matis Ethernet 1.0m > 432 EVO Music server.
No Wifi devices near the system.

2. Power the SOtM with either the SOtM LPS or an sBooster LPS unit.

3. Upgrade the clock in the SOtM switch, and the interior cables as CKKeung detailed.

Thoughts on this? I need Wifi for laptop access for emails and Apple TV, phone wifi, so can't (at the moment) go all ethernet and kill the wifi router in the network.

I am thinking a typical router/wifi supplied by telecoms companies may inject noise into a network, so a way to negate that is key I would suggest.

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