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Shows confuse me. What does anyone really want out of them. Its sort of like going to a ball game. Its fun and exciting. I'm not sure much else.

I ended up packing my panels in suit cases and flying them to the show. It was going to cost about $2k to ship 3 electrical panels. Then there is the Hotel $1200. The rental car $800. The airline ticket $1400. A floor table $1200. Dinners out. It starts adding up.
I’ve never gone to a show to be amazed or disappointed. To me as a novice I like to hear others sound Systems.
at axpona yes there were a few I had to hear a few times
Wadax being one for sure
but I did get a few surprises
Tree house was one it was good can’t say it was not.
another was an OTL amp not Ralph’s it had a hybrid output stage.
sounded good to me.
now a few amp makers do the hybrid thing best I’ve heard so far is Aries cerate hands down excellent sound.
most times when I hear an OTL it’s clipping it’s ass off and can’t handle the load. Now I did hear Ralph’s and it was done very well. Trouble is some rooms are just not set up for them.
last year at capital the Nola room was very good but could have been much better. huge room
good stuff Sakora table and vac the rest
but the room was huge for the speakers And yet it filled them. But I wonder how much better if done in a smaller room correctly
year before same room he had I think vac but tiny ones it was clip city to the point of distraction
I asked him to lower it kindly
he did and wow much better. but did anyone else care or notice ? This year at axpona the acora room again huge
it was clear no clipping but to me lacked the ability to scale and fill the room.
first time I hear acora it was very good on the H dac too. Really good.
ralph do you have any info on there hybrid and have you made any ?
I heard Acora at Capital and was impressed. I guess it did spur interest on my part.
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I believe it is the luck of the draw. Been to a number of shows and always heard at least a nice handful of good-to-great sounding rooms. I've been in a few rooms where the presenter was making a deal to an attendee to buy the system at the close of the show; so they do go to not only generate interest, but to sell as well. Shows give participants a nice starting point on what they may want to check out as their next purchase. But again, it is the luck of the draw on how good any room can be setup and thus the interest a manufacturer will receive. IMHO, if shows were not effective, they would have stopped having them long ago.
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You do know it cost money to pack tht stuff up and return it.
Going to munchen is a good deal , Got my tickets yesterday
You can basically hear the whole audio world in 3 days .
Busy show with a good vibe
Fridays The MARRIOT / Hifideluxe and saturdays/ sundays MOC.
:cool: ;)

Ps i take first hand listening experience over reviewer / magazine feedback ......... aaaaannnnyyytimeeeeee
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If you are addressing me, sure I understand that. It is just ONE of the costs associated with doing a show.

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