SME V Cartridge Spacer


May 14, 2022
I am currently using a Kiseki Purple Heart on a SME V arm. Due to the low height of this cartridge and the conical design of this arm, if an album is not perfectly flat the sme V may occasionally fault on the record when reaching the inner grooves. To remedy this I have purchased a cartridge spacer from SME which weights 3 grams and I believe is made of the same material as the tonearm. My question is, has anyone ever used this and even after adjusting for it's added weight, does it effect the sound? Wouldn't one expect some change in the inertia of the cartridge with this and thus the resonance? Calculations aside, what have your experiences been?
Thanks, Jim


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Mar 26, 2019
I still have one (3g spacer) but never used it with SME V. I don’t think the spacer is made from pure magnesium like the tonearm, steel probably. Using it between cartridge and tonearm will effect tonearm resonance but not too dramatically. The real concern is the final sound. It can be better or worse but it’s sure it will be different.

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