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Dec 7, 2011
North Shore of Boston
The Feickert protractor (at least the older version that I have) can handle even 16' tonearms. Also, there is some controversy about the (only) one null point adjustment. Kuzma for instance is very reserved about this and recommends two null point adjustment which is not so critical if you're not absolutely precise.
There are two null points on the MINT plus tangent lines at the nulls to align the cantilever. This is very helpful for setting Zenith. I don't know about the grid on the SmartTractor for aligning the cantilever or cartridge edge. The cantilever should provide better results, assuming the stylus is mounted properly in the cantilever.


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Jan 12, 2015
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The solution if you are stuck with sub-optimal pivot to spindle distance and do not have a Smartractor, is to measure as accurately as possible the pivot to spindle distance and generate a curve protractor with the measured pivot to spindle distance as align the tonearm with the generated protractor (program available on the net).
Do this after the arm has been locked down as sometimes reattaching the arm board can change the pivot to spindle distance ( SP10 owners with wooden arm boards please take note)
Jul 8, 2011
A word of caution. With the SMARTractor you can measure S2P distance only up to 315mm. So it's useless in this regard for 14' and longer tonearms such as Kuzma 4Point 14 inch which requires 342mm of S2P distance. On the other hand, this will not be a problem in 9,9 out of 10 cases.
Interesting conundrum. I'll have to ask the Smartractor manufacturer about options for setting up arms like the 4Point 14 inch (not 14' -- nobody could do that :p).


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Oct 5, 2012
Mr. Brakemeier was very kind and helpful when I faced the problem with the 14 inch 4Point and sent me a longer "arm" for the SMARTractor but unfortunately without the measuring scale. So, warn him about this if you order the upgrade.
Apr 7, 2016
The beauty of using the Smart tractor is that it can compensate for small errors in spindle to pivot distance which is impossible with a curve protractor.
Can you please elaborate on how the SMARTractor can be compensated for a poorly mounted P2S?

Example: I own a tonearm that requires a P2S of 221.7 mm and the way it's mounted, I have no ability to change it. There's no slack in the mounting hole to make minor adjustments. If I find that it's off by a little (221.8 mm), how do I use the SMARTractor to compensate?

I thought the beauty of protractors like the MintLP, etc. with their continuous arcs was that you could still compensate for a bad P2S by making sure the stylus was always on the arc (i.e. you are using more than one point on the arc). The elongated holes in the headshell allows the compensation.

The SMARTractor seems different because it looks like it is ONLY using one point on the arc to set the offset. Therefore it seems imperative to ensure the P2S is correct in the first place.

What am I missing?

Even though I own multiple protractors already (Mint, Wally, etc.) I just ordered the Smart because it looks like it might be a faster (and easier to visualize) solution.
Jun 14, 2018

Rather new here and had a question. I noticed your tonearm was an SME. I have a 3012, and I was wondering how to adjust/set the VTF, VTA, SRA, stylus azimuth on SME tonearms. Thanks.

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