Kudos to Dantax Radio A/S maker of Raidho speakers

Ki Choi

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May 13, 2010
Seattle WA area
It isn't rare but certainly not common for a high-end manufacturer to go way beyond their duty to fulfill customer service. Dantax Radio A/S maker of the Raidho C series speakers from Denmark that had been receiving hardly any press coverage up to now had out done themselves to please one of their minor customers in US, me.

Raidho C1.0s were one of the best sounding speakers in audio shows of last couple of years along with MBL 101Es, in my opinion. The first time I heard the Raidho C1.0s was at the RMAF in the Nordost room being driven by modest electronics. I kept going back to the room and lurking back of the cable demo room trying to find out the details about the speakers.

The C1.0s didn't disappoint me in my own room when it finally arrived early last year. However, as a pickier than normal person, the slight wrinkly surface condition of the tweeters that were made of special plastic material bothered me. Although the tweeters performed properly, I didn't think a pair of $13K speakers ($16K with stands) should develop any flaws in such a short time.

To make a long story short, I ended up sending the speakers back to Denmark for warranty repair. Then I received a happy new year message yesterday from the factory with a note saying that instead of repairing my C1.0s, they are sending me a brand new model C1.1s that will be introduced at the CES next week.

If you happen to go to the CES, you should drop by the Nordost room and Raidho room to give C1.1s a critical listen. You might share my enthusiasm.



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May 15, 2010
Heard that set-up

at RMAF '09. I would agree with your perceptions and assessment regarding Raidho loudspeakers and customer support...very cool, indeed.

Happy New Year, Ki!


WBF Founding Member
Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC

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