Gingko Audio ARCH and Cloud 22 bases


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Dec 7, 2014
If looking for reasonable price and low coloration footers (well, to MY ears anyways), check out Gingko Audio ARCH and Cloud 22 bases. I learned of ARCH from Ken Stevens, who recommended them for my CAT JL7SE amps.

After replacing IsoAcoustics with ARCH under the amps, transparency increased from lowered coloration, superior separation between instruments and lowered noise floor. Spoke to Vinh Vu at Gingko and decided try my TAD E1 speakers next. replaced isoAcoustics with ARCH, and again transparency increased from lowered coloration, deeper soundstage, more organic, improved dynamics, tuneful bass ... Improvements blew me away, totally unexpected.

Eventually had ARCH under all components. Satisfied with improvements, eliminated coloration from the IsoAcoustics and thought I was done until Vinh asked me beta test the new Cloud22 bases. Vinh didn't disclosed much details except works differently than ARCH. Cloud22 arrived and replaced ARCH under my Souluton 560 DAC (Experimented under component feet and chassis and more effective under chassis). Had system playing and after ~4 hours, sound more organic, lower noise floor, less congestion and easier decipher lyrics. Takes ~5 days to settle

ARCH works by draining vibration away with minimal reflection back. Cloud22 is made from a lamb wool material that absorbs vibration with virtually no reflection back to the component.

Final configuration has ARCH under amps and speaker, and Cloud22 under sources and power distributors.

With Gingko, I can finally enjoy music I grew up with playing on my system. Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins ... pretty cool blasting Aerosnith over the weekend. My theory is very easy smearing non-audiophile quality recordings with noise in the system.

Gingko Audio offers a 30 days money back if doesn't work for you so no risk.

CAT will be including ARCH with their amps. Next time visit CAT room in an audio show, ask Ken about ARCH under his amps and speaker.

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