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Jun 23, 2010
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This post is simply to consolidate my technical posts into a table of contents, mainly to make it easier for me to find but hopefully it will help others as well. With luck and time, the list will grow. I would also be glad to entertain suggestions for other articles, whilst realizing we have a growing number of experts on board likely better suited to answer audio-related technical issues than a hairy-knuckled engineer... Enjoy! - Don

The List:

Units, Symbols, and Terms, Oh My! As implied, definitions of many of the terms thrown about by audiophiles and engineers.
Wavelength vs. Frequency How long is a sound wave at a given frequency?
Sampling 101 An introduction to the sampling theory used in digital audio (ADCs and DACs).
Aliasing 101 How signals alias when sampled -- one of the things that can go wrong when sampling signals.
Building a Square Wave In case you thought it was easy...
Resistor Article for Audio Not mine, but an interesting discussion I found.
Jitter 101 A complex subject; here's a start...
Jitter 102A A deeper look at jitter, in three parts. They go in order, no fair skipping to the end (and you'll miss a lot).
Jitter 102B Jitter Deeper, Part 2.
Jitter 102C Final of three "deeper-look" jitter posts.
DACs 101 A brief introduction to digital-to-analog converters.
DACs 102: Delta-Sigma DACs Commonly called oversampling DACs, a look inside.
Reflections and DACs A peek into transmission lines and why digital cables do matter.
Room Modes A brief overview of interacting sound waves and room modes.
CD Data Rates I didn't start it, but a look at how many bits come out of your CD player, how fast, and why.
Interconnect Frequency Response A look at typical interconnect frequency responses using typical preamp outputs, amp inputs, and interconnect cables.
Skin Effect A brief look at what it is and how it might, or not impact, your audio system.
Slew Rate A definition and brief look at slew rates for audio amplifiers.
RF Speaker Cables? A look at speaker cables from a different perspective.
RF Speaker Cables: Biwired! RF speaker cables, the bi-wiring case.
Passive Bi-amping Some thoughts on passive bi-amping.
The Sound of a Digital Cable: Bandwidth and Jitter Ruminations on how bandwidth limitations can cause jitter.
Relating Distortion % to dB How percents and dB are related
Intermodulation Distortion - Why Don't We Like It? A quick look at IMD
Example Amplifier Responses into Speaker Loads A quick look at what amps and speakers may do together
Clipping 101 A quick look at what happens when things clip
Power Supply Bandwidth Your power supply may need more bandwidth from the wall than you thought
Ground Loops 101 An introduction to ground loops
Introduction to Comb Filter Effects An introduction to comb filter effects
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Jun 23, 2010
Monument, CO
Thank you both!

I should note the order is intentionally not alphabetical. It is more-or-less the order in which I made them, and in which I felt made sense for somebody starting to delve into the technical side.


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May 3, 2010
Don --

These are great and much appreciated.


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Dec 26, 2010
Wow...thanks Don...lots to read here! Great!!!

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