Any Esoteric fans here?

No slam on Esoteric fans but that may be the issue for those that don't like the Esoteric sound. For me, that was way too complicated and expensive. I agree, which I've stated before, that synergy is extremely important. FWIW, didn't have that problem with my previous Cary 306 SACD Pro or my current Luxman D-06u. Ducking head!
I am not sure what "Ducking head" means...

The Luxman D-06u, the D-08u and new D-10x are fantastic players,..really like them alot sonically.

My comments on cables of various types with Eso gear are meant to say that I love the base presentation and attributes of their offerings, the transparency, detail, speed, accuracy top to bottom as it comes out of the box. More so as they have refined their designs, DAC choices and other things over the years. Choice of cables has allowed me to extract the best performance from them and also to extend my owning time period with each level along the way.
Accuphase make some pretty special players as well if you can live with the aesthetic…
Last one I owned was the 900/901 which I found to be the opposite of your 720 assessment but there’s so many influencing factors, like all components they are very system dependent plus your own taste of course
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When I have posted about my issues / experience with Esoteric, I have received some negative reactions from Eso fans.
understood.....thanks for clarifying
Sorry maties, looks like I made an error...

IB is going for the Grandioso G1 clock! Oh my golly, this is the mothership of master clocks. Must be a mighty fine combination, or at least it better be for the spend... wow!

That would be the perfect thing just for me to get thrown into the dog house! Even if I bought the good wifey a massive pink diamond, no matter how rare, she just won't allow me to justify a clock unit that was the same as those pretty sapphires that I bought her recently...

Oh well, I guess I'll leave it at that, and just be happy. Afterall, enjoying the music is the one greatest thing anyone can achieve, regardless of what type of system they have.

Cheers maties, enjoy those very fine tunes!
Woof! RJ

I'm doing the pre-owned thang, RJ.
Still pricey, but less than half retail price.
Paying by installments, living on beans on toast ?
I'm doing the pre-owned thang, RJ.
Still pricey, but less than half retail price.
Paying by installments, living on beans on toast ?
Nothing wrong with finding like new pre-owned under the right circumstances. I bought quite a few generations of Esoteric and other great brands new, nominal discount from dealers as there were no other options on the latest and greatest. This last time around I found a dealer who owned an extra P-02 / D-02 pair for his home system that were both in stellar condition. They were about 1.5 years old,....that was late 2014/early 2015 and they are both still going strong. No regrets and basically saved a boatload. The beauty of Esoteric gear is that I'd had my P-03U/D-03 for many years (about 8) and sold it to a fellow audionut who is still running them; they are 15+ years old now and still going strong in his setup. My P-02/D-02 are going on 8 years old and still playing as well as the day they were made, perhaps better. Rock solid build quality and definitely stands the test of time...
All esoteric hifi is build like a tank and lasts just about for ever.
This isn't your social media page. You aren't obliged to reply to every comment, with the same ad nauseam responses.
I would suggest you reconsider your posting habits.
I'm doing the pre-owned thang, RJ.
Still pricey, but less than half retail price.
Paying by installments, living on beans on toast ?
Toast & Beans... reminds me of my student days (under-grad years) in Chicago.
Non hifi related; those players that represented the Bulls were like no other! With Phil Jackson as Head Coach (who used to practice Zen Budhism), Scotti Pipen, Denis Rodman, both very strong as front line and defense, and the legend himself, MJ! What a team, and what an outstanding experience it is to see these guys play live BB. I could never afford tickets to such high-profile games but thanks to a very kind uncle, who knew someone and someone... I got to see these guys play live for the first time ever. I'll never forget how MJ manages to fly through the air, soar like an Eagle and finish with a dunk! Lebron is nearly there but not quite MJ style, just my 2cts opinion. Oops, hope I didn't open a can of worms in the BB arena...

Anyway, getting back to audio in general and Eso gear. I just noticed that you're using the P03 & D03 combination! There was one chap here down unda selling those very same units, nearly closed on this transport & dac. Eventually, ended up with a great deal on K07-XS brand new, direct from the Aus importer. And that's all she wrote! I would have very easily been extremely satisfied with the P03-D03 match-up. At the same time, I'm happily married to the K07-XS for..., including the Mrs... mustn't forget the Mrs!
The previous owner who probably still has the P03&D03, I think it wasn't sold, I could be wrong, anyway, he has changed over to a Krell Evo 2000 series SACD player something. I'm not sure whether that particular Krell would be superior to the Eso but I guess he has his reasons for system synergy. Would have been interesting to have an audition to his system but unfortunately due to Covid lockdown, we basically can't go anywhere out of state. If I do get a chance to visit I'll make it a point to report back. There's always something to learn from such auditions.

Cheers IB, and Oh! do enjoy those fine tunes!
Woof, RJ
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Good of you to say so
Taking my K-01x tomorrow to sell to a chap in Surrey. A 500 mile round trip, but my speakers haven’t arrived yet so demonstrating at his house.
will be sorry to see it go, but can now afford it’s replacement
I have the upgrade bug! Just wanted to pick all the fine minds here before I pull the trigger. I've owned a Playback Designs mps-5 player with usb-x for a number of years. Aside from
needing some repair issues it's been a great addition. PD is a wonderful company that really is second to none as far as costumer service. I have a large collection of SACDs and have a fairly large library of downloaded music with many DSD recordings. Mac mini with uptone modifications as music server with Audirvana Plus software. I'm very curious about the new Esoteric K-03 XD sacd player. It seems to check all my boxes. Does anyone have
an insight and experience with this player? I certainly do not want a sideways move. Looking for advice. Thanks so much. The rest of my system includes: Wilson Sasha 1 speakers,
ARC Ref 6 preamp, Parasound JC-1 + mono amps. I listen to mostly jazz, blues and rock.
At the 2011 RMAF I auditioned all of the top tier SACD players. I decided on the EMM Labs XDS1 because I thought it sounded more real than any of the other players, but the Playback Designs MP-5 was a close second. Since then I had EMM modify the XDS1 to the v2, and just last year bought the EMM Labs DV2 and am now using the XDS1v2 as a transport. Playback Designs like EMM Labs is a first rate company and both are committed to staying current.

My current setup sounds exceptional both in terms of playing SACDs and local flac files from my CD library. I think you should look carefully at both these companies offerings before pulling the upgrade trigger.
That's the problem Len. Many good choices without the ability to do a money back guarantee / personal audition
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