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Feb 26, 2014
I've seen you withstand the criticisms of others and persevere to do things in your own way and time..
Marc, he identified the problem correctly


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Well, as with all things good in audio, plenty has had to come together to get to this point.

A better room has enabled me to get a better "fix" on my sound. Not only am I more sure than ever my bias twds SETs w high efficiency full range drivers is totally up my street, but the gear sounds better than ever here.

At the same time the shortcomings I had in my old room which meant ultimate performance could never be realised have all gone. In the old room, have the subs at where they are now and the sound was thin and papery, have the subs where they were and the sound was warm and fuzzy, never could I get it right.

So for me to finally crack the subs formula has been a massive learning curve, initially the room allowing this step to be entertained, and now the Reserva Elites pwr cords to the subs liberating tone and density, critically lowering noise floor too.

And by having the subs JUST operating, I'm properly hearing the spkrs and hence the system, more of the music, and in effect the cumulative results of all the other Reservas/Elites in my system.

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