Am I crazy to buy speakers of 22K $ without auditioning.


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Dec 9, 2018
Washington State, US
Well, I have heard the full replica system from line magnetic both at shows and at the workshop of AcousticPlan (a high end German electronics maker) and think it’s pretty awesome as long as you don’t get too bothered by a bit of horn colorations. I heard them both with Acoustplan amps and the line magnetic lm 219ia. The AcousticPlan amp was a bit more refined but the big LM219 is a great amp for low money. If I had space for such a big horn it would be on my list to audition at least (although I think I prefer some of the newer, less colored horns like Aries Cerat Symphonia or for a lot less money horns Universum, Tune Audio Anima, Odeon No.38, Dynamikks 12.18 etc.). Still I think this replica of ancient tech has real musical merits and can bring a realism that many less overtly colored simply cannot.
It is good to hear your valuable opinion on it.

Line Magnetic amplifier with stock tube can sound less refined but with tube rolling it is close to 90% of my Silbatone amplifier.

I need to set up listening space in my second floor living room which has enough space for this big horn.

After auditioning it myself, I will make decision.
Jan 7, 2018
As to buying with or without a demo I truly believe the only way to know how the speakers will sound like is to hear them in the room you're buying them for with the gear you plan on using. I've bought $22k speakers unheard because of that reasoning, but only paid within a few hundred dollars what I believed resale to be. The formula has served me well and I got to home audition several class a speakers as long as I wanted without losing any more than the cost of shipping. (the banks are paying .1% so why not have some fun with the money?
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