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Mark Seaton founded Seaton Sound, Inc. in 2005 and hails from Chicago, IL. In the 3 years prior to establishing Seaton Sound Mark helped ServoDrive and then designer Tom Danley with product application and sales. Before joining the manufacturing world Mark worked with a boutique AV retailer in the Chicago suburbs selling and installing equipment ranging from NHT Super Ones on to Martin Logan Statement E2s.

Quoting Mark:

"My wide ranging exposure to audio has made for what I think is a unique perspective on the task of creating exciting audio experiences. The experience I have gained through many system calibrations, especially in large home theaters, is the primary drive behind my interests, the focus of my product offerings, and my further investigations in audio. I am very much a realist with a more holistic approach to audio systems, where application is everything, as is having the right tool for the job. Ideals are great thought exercises, but viewed in isolation often overlook the greater task of delivering the performance in real use. Subwoofer location and room interaction is one of the most obvious examples of this reality. I welcome discussion of all aspects of loudspeakers design, application and audio in general. With any luck we might get a few other experts I regularly defer to joining the fun as well."
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