1. ALF

    American Sound AS2000 Turntable

    American Sound List price $150,000.00 This is a listing for the DDK American Sound AS2000 Turntable and is at the factory in the final inspection phase and will be ready to ship soon. It comes with the American Sound designed 4 SME tonearm armboards. Comes with 2 SME 3012r tonearms. Very...
  2. K

    Rookie / Technics Turntable SL-BD20, Technics Receiver SA-EX310 help

    Helping a friend revive her father's Technics Turntable SL-BD20. We hooked it up to Technics Receiver SA-EX310 and Bose Model 141 Speakers. Plays for a few seconds and then receiver has "Overload" error message. What did we do wrong? I double checked that the speaker polarity was correct...
  3. J

    For Sale: Durand Tonearms Telos Reference Tonearm - HUGE DISCOUNT!!!

    The Durand Tonearms Telos is the finest tonearm I have ever owned or heard. This is a second Telos that I own and no longer need. Since it was used as a second arm, it has seen very light use. It is in excellent condition and comes with all the original packaging, tools, etc. The current...
  4. Believe High Fidelity

    Primary Control Kinea Arrives At Believe High Fidelity

    This table is much more elegant in person that the pictures do it justice. The plinth is extremely rigid and massive compared to the many pictures I have seen. So how does it stack up against the newest T-34 Torqueo Idler Drive?
  5. Ki Choi

    FS: Technics SP-10Mk3 with Artisan Fidelity plinth

    Hi I am selling my Technics SP-10Mk3 that has been completely rebuilt in Japan with all new and top grade electrolytic caps, new variable pots, all new solder joints, and precisely calibrated for perfect operation . It works flawlessly and comes in an Artisan Fidelity double arm plinth with a...
  6. Mextech

    Turntable with Ak47 build quality

    Found it amusing, with good production value.
  7. fork

    Our Newest Video! -- "The Jaguar Guide to Buying Vinyl"

    This segment is targeted at those just getting into vinyl. The project has turned into a 3-part vinyl video series, starting with Jaguar Turntable Setup, now Buying Vinyl and Part 3, my "50 Best Pressings", which is coming around January and I expect the one this crowd will be most interested...
  8. J

    Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable Review on Positive Feedback

    David Robinson just published about his 5 year experience with the Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable and the Durand Tonearm Telos. It can be read here...
  9. fork

    It’s finally complete!..The Jaguar Comprehensive Turntable Setup Video

    I've wanted to do this project for more than a year and it was one of the most difficult I've taken on. I appreciate any suggestions and unvarnished feedback you’d like to offer, about the content, video quality, sound, etc. https://vimeo.com/182750717 As far as I can tell, this is the...
  10. Ron Resnick

    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    I have enjoyed our hobby for 27 years. This is how the front of my listening room looked until 2014: Due to a flood in this listening room in 2014, and to some ongoing repairs to my house, my stereo has been disassembled and has been stored under protective tarps for almost two years...
  11. Cody@TARA

    SME Model 20/3

    Lately we at TARA Labs have been experimenting with a wide variety of turntables. Most notable of all has been the spectacular Walker Black Diamond Mk.III - however with a price ranging close to six digits, it is probably not for everyone. Another fantastic turntable has been the SME Model...
  12. P

    Advice for a noob at turntables.

    I am just kinda getting into the turntable idea. I recently got a sony ps-lx300 which I am guessing is an okay beginner turntable. So essentially should I get a phono preamp and ignore the one built in as garbage quality? What kinda amp should I be looking at? speakers and so forth to...
  13. Hyperion

    Brinkmann Balance vs. Spiral Groove SG1 vs. TW Acustic Black Night

    Hi, I'm seriously considering one of these turntables at the moment, and I would truly appreciate any opinions regarding them related to sonics, reliability, flexibility, ease of use & maintenance etc. The candidates are: - Brinkmann Balance anniversary (turntable, 10.5 tonearm, Ti-cartridge...

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