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Omi Kor

New Member
Aug 21, 2019
Hi! I just got the Klipsch RP-500m speakers with a glimpse of hope that my problem with my receiver (TEAC ag-620) will be solved (I've connected my last pair of speakers through the headphones jack and a lot of times it makes a weird noise and then it stops playing on the left or right speakers). I thought the problem is my connection to the speakers (the headphone jack) but the problem still exists, so the only way to actually listen without this problem is to buy a new receiver. I'm listening to a turntable (Marantz tt-320). I don't know if should I go with an integrated amp or a preamp. I want to connect my computer to the speakers. So what do you think? Which receiver do you recommend? I have my eye on the Yamaha A-s301 and the Onkyo A9010.

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