Sonos Port (Streamer) + Turntable/CD Player + Preamp + Amp Connections


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Mar 9, 2024
OK, so I just joined, and OMG, this seems like a fantastic site with any and everything on it. I am an older wanna be audiophile, and I've recently forayed into the world of separate components. Though I realize I do not have top 'o the line components, I am so far pleased with the improvement since I was in college (mostly receivers, turntables, and speakers). I recently put all of my CD's on a hard drive (NAS) given they were all over the place. My main question is "How do I connect the Sonos Port (using as a streamer), Turntable, and CD player (optional) to my new Preamplifier and Amplifier? See attached pics.Sonos Port.jpegClarity 8.jpg
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