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Thread: TAD ME1 amplifier

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    TAD ME1 amplifier

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum.

    I have the TAD Micro Evolution 1 speakers with the matching stands, the smallest speaker in the TAD lineup. I fell in love with this little speaker at the Hi End show in Munich this year and had to get it

    At this point I am driving the speakers with a Simaudio Moon i-7 RS, an integrated amp I bought for my previous Dynaudio speakers. While being a very good amp (and a great match for Dynaudio), it somehow fails to connect me to the music the way I want to, so I am considering replacing it with something else. As my DAC (dCS Paganini) can act as a preamp too, I am also considering getting a stereo power amp and driving it directly from the Paganini.

    TAD's own electronics are too expensive for me, so they are out of the question.

    Any recommendations are welcome.

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    A friend with Tad Ref 2s is happily using a Vitus 010 amp, so maybe one to check out.
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    What's your budget?

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    Well, I am looking to get an amp in a price range of up to 10,000Ä.

    Some of the options are:

    1. Burmester 036 power amp
    2. Burmester 956 mk2 power amp
    3. Mark Levinson 532h power amp
    4. Mark Levinson 585 integrated
    5. Perhaps some McIntosh and Jeff Rowland amps (not sure how they match with TAD)
    6. Maybe Karan acoustics

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    Tried Kubala Sosna Expression cables and they proved to be a better match for my ME1 in my setup, compared to Transparent Audio Ultra MM2. Kubala is warmer with better articulated bass/midbass and it managed to tame the berrilium tweeters and remove that tiny bit of harshness. I am thinking of getting the higher in line Emotion balanced interconnect and speaker cables.

    Anyone else using Kubala with their TADs?

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    I am a big fan of Gryphon electronics. i have their Pantheon, driving by MBL ref line amplifications. TAD is a nostalgic brand from me based on my childhood memories. Recently i am waiting for my TAD D1000mk2, as a SACD player in my rig.

    i am wondering if you could think Gryphon Diablo 120 for your TAD. Recently Diablo 120 playing insanely good with PMC IBSE.

    One pair of TAD ME1 is also heading towards our country along with my cd player. so obviously i can tell what it do with Gryphon. My country has fair amount of Gryphon amplifications around. All are super duper happy with Gryphon. If i had not MBL i would have certainly go for gryphon Pandora with Antelion EVO mono.

    what the color of your tad speakers? front end, and cabling?

    would be glad if you share.

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    @bengal_finch, thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately there are no Gryphon dealers in my country, so I canít make that test. But I heard the same Diablo 120 with a pair of Focal floorstanders (canít recall which model) at an audio show, and it sounded very good, with great timing, dynamics and slam.

    My ME1s are all black (I believe thatís the only color option for Europe). The cabling is Transparent Audio, but I am thinking of switching to Kubala Sosna all around.

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    I don't have much first hand experience with the TADs, but I can attest that the Kubala-Sosna line in general is really good, and the Emotion in particular is very useful in providing an extra layer of warmth, without affecting extension or frequency response. If you can, try some Emotion power cords as well, as they are most helpful!

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    The best non TAD option I have heard for the ME1's is the Analog Domain M75D Mk2, it's a match made in heaven!

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    Accuphase P-4200 or A-47; Accuphase amps also have adjustable gain which is a useful feature if you plan to use your dCS DAC for volume control.

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