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      theclipper replied to the thread Hydra Typhon T2.
      Nice! I would be pairing one with a Denali V2 to feed my rather modest system.
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      theclipper reacted to rau's post in the thread Hydra Typhon T2 with Like Like.
      I'm using (3)T2 30 amp version and reference umbilicals on all my amplifiers (1) per with great results
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      theclipper replied to the thread Hydra Typhon T2.
      Did you end up trying a T2 in your system? If so, curious of any impressions. I'm thinking of purchasing one, but am on the fence.
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      theclipper reacted to MusicFellow's post in the thread Omega speaker cables with Like Like.
      I can confirm this 100%. Richard is the friendliest and most down to earth customer support you can imagine. He never wants to oversell...
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