You don't like that music...why??

I like many genres, classical without lyrics, operas and chorals in Spanish, Gypsy's and French poetry, heartbreaking lyrics from the top songwriters.
I'm all emotional on Blues and Jazz without words, and with words. The voices and the meaning of the words and their emotional impact is one of the most powerful musical instruments out there, like the organ, the piano, the violin, the cello, the drum, the guitar, the acoustic bass, ...Miles Davis, Bach, John Coltrane, Mozart, Patricia Barber, Sarah Vaughan, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Lucinda Williams, Van Morrison, Beethoven, Chopin, Mary Gauthier, Robert Belfour, John Lee Hooker, Pink Floyd, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Puccini, Bob Dylan and Madonna.

I also love movies without lyrics, the silent ones, and in black and white, like Jazz from the 50s.

Yes, most lyrics suck and it's for kids. The high end only use vocals to test best loudspeakers. And only the best lyrics can rip your heart apart emotionally singing speaking.
I love classical music without lyrics best; orchestral and chamber. But I also love opera with the most poignant voices and choral music from the angels above in the sky.

Yes, there is no discussion about what we like or not, there is no war only peace. If the neighbor @ 3:00 AM on Saturday night is playing RAP music with bad lyrics @ high volume while we kids are all sleeping tight and in peace, there will be war...or the police. Headphones @ parties are very rare; we don't see bikers wearing them @ their parties.

One of my nieces likes some very cool music (smooth) that I am not familiar with; great opportunity to keep track with the world.
Often old stereo mags are full of old reviewers stuck in the past. It's ok, they like what they like and they have their old faithful readership.
They won't attract new and energetic ones though. Ariana certainly doesn't read Stereophile. :b ...And me, I've got to expand too, get reborn young again with new wisdom, a straighter direction to the heavens.
Jul 25, 2012
Bob, I plagiarized your reply and edited it for my liking to list what I enjoy listening to. I hope you don't mind!

I dislike music where singers are yelling, and screaming, ...all that nasty hard core metal, punk and rap. Their voices pierce through your ears and tear the timpani apart. It is so irritating and disturbing that you are very close to die of a heart seizure. ...No kidding!

I love opera because to me it is the most emotional musical human experience of them all, and choral music too.

I love classical orchestral and chamber. I love Jazz, some rock and roll. I also have a soft spot for Broadway and Gilbert & Sullivan (1850's British broadway).

I love music that speaks smoothly to my heart and soul.

I hate music that speaks violently to my brain and nerves; I simply don't play any. And if it plays somewhere else, I walk far far far away from there.

The music that speaks the most intensively with emotions of tears and Opera, and Choral.

The music that speaks the most smoothly to my aura/ Classical; from solo piano to chamber to orchestral.

The music that speaks best in general with my overall Jazz,
complex and Big Band Jazz.
Hey Gary, everything I share in this world is free. I don't own my inspiration, it is provided by my surroundings. Lol
I'm Canadian, I like free expression and Jimi Hendrix. :b
What I read on Twitter and on the news everyday couple months makes me laugh; could you imagine a world of news and social networks without lyrics, just music!? That would be the new world towards abstract peace. No more wars because of this and that said, just music we all like. ...The impossible dream.


Apr 24, 2015
I am a fan of music that has the following attributes, to some degree (not any specific order): complexity (time signatures, chord changes, melodies, etc), variety and depth of emotion, great musicianship, beauty (which is not always obvious), and a few others.

This includes: classical (20th century and contemporary), jazz (post bop, chamber jazz, fusion), prog (avant garde, Canterbury, classic symph, Zeuhl).

Music I don't like has the following attributes: use of mainly 4/4 or 3/4 time signatures, only 3 or 4 chords, follows 'verse, bridge, chorus' format.

This includes: RAP, hip hop, pop, mainstream rock, country, blues, American folk.

Can't get into audiophile-approved prog, sorry. 10 minutes rock tracks about fairies with flutes and stuff aren't for me :(


The old (false) cliche about prog lyrics being about fairies. Nicely played, sir...

Interesting to note, it was hardly true for the vast majority of prog in the 70's heyday. It is far less true for the prog revival from the mid 90's to today.
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