X10: Rest in Peace


Member Sponsor & WBF Technical Expert
Jun 23, 2010
Monument, CO
Shame, really. I am using several X10 powerline products around the house, including the power-line links to turn on my subwoofers. Hopefully somebody will pick up the slack.

Mark Seaton

WBF Technical Expert (Speaker & Acoustics)
May 21, 2010
Chicago, IL
My bad... a day late on a post I made a few moments ago...

To consolidate and insure more laugh at the Big Bang Theory clip honoring X10 (linked in the article):

Apparently X10 is in receivership and will no longer be producing power line control components.

In case you skip the video link at the bottom of the linked article, I'll post it here to let "The Big Bang Theory" cast honor X10 properly...


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