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Sep 20, 2011
Northern NY
Nice to see a room, where someone actually spent some time optimizing the acoustics. I see way too many mega buck systems, thrown into completely untreated rooms (and I'm not talking bass traps in the corners here ...), even here on WBF.

Anyway - congrats, great system !
Thanks Adam. Room treating was trial and error. I had far too many traps based on uneducated recommendations....I had ceiling clouds, traps on the front wall where they ceiling meets the wall, ect. It felt like my ears were popping walking into the room and of course killed the sound/room ambience. After removing most of the traps, I really found a benefit using RPG Skyline diffusers on the front wall. It added a lot to the perception of depth and space in the sound stage.


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Dec 7, 2011
North Shore of Boston
I posted this on Christian's system page, but I thought it should also be here:

On a whim, I recently contacted Rockitman and invited myself over to hear his system. I had a trip planned in the area and have always wanted to see/hear his system.

Chris is a most gracious host, totally infected with the high end bug. His system and music collection are truly something to behold. We listened to the new mono pressing of the Beatles on LP, a tape of Ray Brown playing live, a few of my own LPs brought for the occasion. No digital that night.

After some background discussions about the system and the music, we sat down to listen. The immediate and first impression of the sound was that the scale and energy of the music was completely captured and reproduced. Large scale music came across with the power and visceral impact that is heard live. The system was also completely effortless. Music simply emerged from nothingness and often exploded into the room. The other truly astonishing aspect of the sound was just how silent the LP playback is. The TechDas table is a marvel of engineering. I also really appreciated hearing the massive Pass mono blocks.

Chris demonstrated how sensitive the Herzon isolation table is. Simply tapping your toes on the carpet over concrete floor produced a response from the servos in the isolation unit. The digital readout then showed that nothing passed through the top plate. Nothig gets to this table and the result is pure black backgrounds and lack of distortion induced by vibrations.

There was also the extreme extension, both high and low, and weight that you would expect from a speaker system of this size. The Pass amps drove the speakers beautifully. There was an ease and flow to the music and absolutely no sense of compression when played to extremely loud levels.

The Sheffield Drum Track and solo piano track I played were exceptionally realistic. Lots of air and pressure from those kick drums. It is clear to me that Chris is a real enthusiast and loves his music. It was a very enjoyable evening of great music very well reproduced.

Thanks Chris for a great time.


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Sep 20, 2011
Northern NY
^^^^ Peter it was great meeting you and David the other night. A nice variety of music was played and I already have my search going for the records you brought over to test out on the system. Thanks for the kind words.

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