What's Spinning Tonight?

An excellent movie with an excellent soundtrack :)
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Everything But The Girl ?– Amplified Heart + Iron + Wine ?– Our Endless Numbered Days.


You should check out Marine Girls. It was Tracy Thorne's first band and she's mostly doing background because she was too shy to sing at that point, but the few times she sings, it's amazing.
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Country music releases meeting audiophile criteria have been thin on the ground. I feel safe mentioning the following album mastering.

Hot Chip ?– Freakout/Release - hot of the press, brand new album. superb music, excellent production with perfect pressing from Optimal with poly lined inners and the smart consumer can choose black vinyl

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wacko jacko - Thriller 25th anniversary - do I need a modfi digital one step? after listening to this - NO. this sounds wonderful. not as bright as the UK original pressing


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