Wadax World Premiere at Munich Highend

WOW cant wait!!!!!
Level UP!
Can't wait to get one in stock.
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most intriguing...!
What product is it?
Appears to be a single box disc player. Whether it also can serve as a DAC is to be seen.
Appears to be a single box disc player. Whether it also can serve as a DAC is to be seen.
allow me to dream a little......ideally there would be a stand alone version with a dac, maybe even with an integral server, then a transport only that would be a real world alternative to the 'Level 5' transport which would have an optimized interface for the Ref dac. all sorts of possibilities with that chassis.

and it could even be modular.

i'd think about adding a transport at a more modest price point. i still have 4000 silver discs that i don't play. and harnessing the magic of the Ref dac for discs is a real temptation.

Wadax has ultimate dac, server, interface and modular technology in their tool bag.........so.........all sorts of possibilities.
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I'm thrilled that we will have a simple, afordable Wadax solution that could be an incredible value and can attracct many new music lovers to the brand. MOC this year is going to be fun as this is only one of the really inteeresting debuts!
Yes, there is another one on the same floor... :cool:
not sure which one you are talking about however there will be one from Gobel and there is also one from CH Precision. Those I am aware of.
All three should be cool and fun.
I spy with my little eye a Wadax studio player !!!


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WADAX, next generation manufacturer in digital technology, is pleased to
announce the introduction of Studio Player, the first component of an entirely
new series of products. Drawing from the technological advancements honed
in the Atlantis Reference series, the Studio Player emerges as a singular, user-
friendly component delivering sublime music playback for both streaming and
optical media. Engineered for seamless integration, its connections pave the way
for future performance enhancements via ancillary devices, while its modular
design ensures upgradability and generational advancement—all housed within
a singular chassis.
The Studio Player boasts an optical transport capable of playing CD and SACD
discs, as well as a streamer certified for Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect,
and more services in the future. Variable output voltage and adjustable output
impedance afford users the flexibility to tailor the Studio Player to their system
and environment. Moreover, connections for an external power supply (Studio
PSU) and clock (Studio Clock) further enhance the immersive musical experience
and complete the Studio Player ecosystem.
Distilling technologies from the incomparable Atlantis Reference DAC, Studio
Player applies trickle-down technology engineered to deliver an exceptional
musical journey. It resolves tonal texture and spatial definition, crafting a rich
soundscape that exudes organic and natural presentation, eschewing the sterile,
analytical sound often associated with digital components. This seamless fusion
of technology and musicality sets the stage for engaging music enjoyment.
The Studio Player is set to commence shipping in Q2 2024 at a retail price of
WADAX, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is at the forefront of innovation and
quality in high fidelity audio and music reproduction. Our mission is to create
products that are unmatched in musicality and sonic purity, catering to the
most discerning music listeners.
2024年德國慕尼黑High End音響展實況報導: Munich High End Show 2024
Close up Mr. De mille


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From the visual appearance by far the best Wadax design :cool:
Is there a DAC inside?
Yes it’s a DAC , Cd sacd transport and it streams

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