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Feb 24, 2015
Greater Phoenix Area
I think everyone is saying, turn on the lights in the room and share. I think everyone is tired of talking around shadows...

I hope you take Taiko up on their over the top generous offer. Better get your non disclosure in order.
Best of luck.
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Jul 5, 2014
Salem, OR
Sigh... my comment on amateur is not a point demeaning amateurs... I am happily one myself in the field of audio.

I was just pointing out that there is a level of credibility that specifically comes from lasting industry success and if you want that specific type of cred you would need to be open with your design, get it externally more broadly reviewed etc etc and bring it to the market and let other people be the judge of how fabulous it might be... largely everything I said in my post.

I gave up being interested in your product ages ago like others because it appears to become nothing more than an obscure phantom... and I don’t necessarily think that the outrageous hubris of your claims of absolute superiority in these areas including your capacity at putting together a musical system are being at all in any way supported with sufficient evidence... and yes I’ve listened to some of your videos.
I understood what you wrote and I really did appreciate your intent. My point was that just that as with most things, there's most always more than meets the eye and high-end audio is certainly no exception.

That you gave up being interested in my product ages ago is itself interesting because I had no product to pitch to you. Nor have I tried to pitch a product to anybody for perhaps 7 or 8 years. But the concepts, theories, methodologies, and performance potentials I do try to pitch.

I appreciate your listening to the videos and hopefully you listened at least with a cheap set of earbuds. I don't think one can find much fault with these humble in-room recordings (which like I presume with others' recordings pale in comparison to in-room listening) using my iPhone and a Shure MV88 microphone.

To the best of my knowledge I've only been pitching alternative concepts and methods all of which hopefully have everything to do with performance potentials. Now it just so happens that I already have a working design that IMO, substantiates my concepts, methods, and performance claims. Perhaps that's where some think I'm pitching product.

Taiko Audio

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Feb 10, 2017
The Netherlands
Hi, Emile. You have yourself a deal. Please email me with how you'd like to proceed, e.g. licensing model, next steps, etc.
Jul 5, 2014
Salem, OR
No disrespect Stehno, but you'll find guys like Tao and me are totally up for considering new gear, so you have no right criticising him.

I'm not sure what you want us to say in response to you. You unambiguously criticise other approaches as getting nowhere near to what your vibration mediating achieves. Indeed, you're pretty dismissive of said systems. As far as suggesting strongly purchasers of commercially available systems are wasting their cash.

And what do you have to offer? Something that you sold several years ago via Audio Exotics. But not now. Snippets of info. Nothing much else.

You won't find a bunch of people more open to being wowed in this area as frequent this forum.

But you come across as someone who has not been able to bring a maybe exemplary system to commercial fruition, and is maybe understandably bitter about those approaches that are selling, often for big bucks.

I did give you ample opportunity to get into dialog privately w me, but nothing came of it. Indeed you were as obtuse w me personally as you are w the forum at large publically.

So we don't doubt you may have a system that trumps all. But if it's n/a, you won't offer DIY advice, all the while happy to be snarky to those of us who've gone w systems that actually exist, just think how this comes across.
No disrespect taken, Marc, and I appreciate your constructive criticism. Yes, I'm well aware how any of this may come across. In fact, that's why I stayed away from this forum for almost 2 years and to this day I deliberately avoid the vibration mgmt threads, as tempting as it is to jump in head first into some of them. However, with this thread I still routinely receive email notifications and from time to time I read them and in this case, since Peter opened this thread about my claims several years ago, I reluctantly posted to it a few days ago.

But at the same time, or the other side of the coin is that I think it serves all of us well to be reminded that traditional concepts, status quos, historic ways of doing things, etc or just because everybody's doing something a certain way doesn't necessarily make it right nor best. Old science is routinely disproven by new science, same with philosophers and their philosophies, and yes for high-end audio too. Very little is written in stone and that should imply that everything else needs to be routinely re-evaluated and that we should be open-minded to new concepts and methods. Especially in performance-oriented industries where performance is absolutely paramount to all other things.

IOW, I've been the recipient of plenty bloody noses for daring to share something different from the status quo and so sometimes I'm perhaps a bit more on guard than I should be.

Anyway, thanks for the note.

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