Tripoint Troy Signature NG


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Dave, most audiophiles running analog and digital systems, monoblocks, multiple psus, pwrd subs, will have a basic minimum of 12 components needing grounding. Throw in R2R, servers, renderers, dual mono units, and you're easily up to 18-20.

Frankly for $70k, if there can only be 3 terminals on the NG box, these 3 should be able to take 4 ground leads per terminal, allowing 12 components to be grounded.

$70k needs to be able to cover a multi source system w sufficient capacity, whatever the arguments of technical superiority. The price dictates that.


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May 12, 2017
Can you name one of us that does this? I wouldn't say most run analog and digital or have powered subs that need grounding. You're reaching to get to that 18-20 number. I have monoblocks, cd, clock, and pre grounded at this moment. I want my Aurender grounded but live with it as is. Can Tripoint be costly, yes, but not like you make it sound. You may see more value if you actually heard Tripoint products.



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Jun 9, 2013
It seems you're confused.
Troy Signature has 3 terminals. I think the cost will be 1/2 of the Troy Signature Elite NG which has 4 terminals.


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