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  1. S

    Connect Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 to a CD player

    Hi everyone, I have a 6i6 1st gen. I have connected 2 active speakers Yamaha HS80 to it. Now, I am also in a possesion of an old CD player - Yamaha CD 870 and would like to connect it to the interface to listen to my CDs. The CD player has a fixed and variable line output and a optical and...
  2. gammajo

    For Sale Ayon CD5s

    The Ayon CD5s $4,500 - combines excellent transport and DAC with terrific Class A preamp with analogue volume control. This 40 pound billet aluminum unit with very high quality caps, tube rectified power supply and 6H30 output tubes, produces liquid, highly nuanced and dynamic music, without the...
  3. Emre Üçöz

    Best single box cd player - any recommendations

    I am on the verge of a decision wheter I should continue with transport+dac+clock or to switch to a one box cd player. Can I get your opinions on this. My current digital configuration is Esoteric P-02+DCS Scarllati DAC+DCS Scarllati Clock. Any comments on Burmester069, Soulution 5 and 7...

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