Rock & Roll's Most Collectible Guitars

Bill Hart

Active Member
May 11, 2012
can't see the contents either. I would assume the peter green les paul is on there. there are also some legendary guitars that went missing, including the one clapton played on the beano album. and what about the sg that was hand painted by that art commune in the early Cream era? what happened to Roy Buchanan's old Telecaster?
Jul 1, 2010
I suspect they're still in the possession of Santana, Van Halen and May. I wish I still had my first. It was a mid-60s SG Special, and I'd love to have one like it today. But I don't want to hang it on a wall and look at it, and that's the trouble with other collector's market; it has made such things too expensive to be used as intended.


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