Portable mixer/speaker setup compatible with videoconferencing


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Mar 17, 2022
I'm trying to set up a simple system to use for Zoom conferences. This would need to be a combination of a portable PA system, dual wireless microphone (one lavalier, one roaming handheld) input and both output to and input from PC or tablet. This system would be used for small conferences (20-100 people).

I looked at the Samsung Expedition XP800B because it already allows USB input for a single Samson XPD2 wireless mic system and it allows Bluetooth connection to a phone, etc. Also because it comes coupled with a paired powered speaker system and the whole thing packs up quite nicely.
However, it has no USB to PC, so the audio out and in will be more finicky (a simple USB-to-audio adapter would do, but adds to the comlexity of the setup AND slightly compromises signal quality).

Alternatively, something like the Behringer Q502USB mixer, which has USB-to-PC and sufficient inputs for pmy purposes, but would need to be kitted with a power amp and speakers AND a microphone transmtter/receiver. That would make it significantly less portable, among other things.

I will most likely need to compromise somewhere to get the ideal small system. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also, the simpler the setup, the better - I will not be doing it myself every time.

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