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Elliot G.

Industry Expert
Jul 22, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Good morning Esoteric lovers . In conjunction with Esoteric's launch of the Grandioso Series T1 turntable, we are now expanding our master pressing expertise into vinyl with the NEW "Masterpiece Collection."

With an anticipated arrival date in North America of May 2023, Esoteric is very proud to announce that it will press and distribute its first two remaster titles.

1. DVO?ÁK From the New World

Symphony No.9 in E minor, Op.95 "From the New World"


Swan Lake, Op.20 – Highlights

The Analog cutting process has been performed at MIXER'S LAB in Tokyo, employing the Neumann VMS80 cutting lathe, a famous machine manufactured in West Germany in the golden era of analog audio, of which only two remain in Japan.

The "Esoteric Mastering" equipment is also employed to send out master data for the analog cutting machine. Collaborating with MIXER'S LAB, we brought the "Esoteric Mastering" equipment into their cutting room and connected the output directly to the Neumann SP79C cutting console. The "Esoteric Mastering" sound is sent directly to the cutting process, bypassing the equalizer section of the console.

The cutting process is performed by Mr. Katsutoshi Kitamura, a cutting engineer at MIXER'S LAB, where he puts his master craftsman skills into the master disc.

Just as with our SACD pressings, we would like for all of you to have great demo in your showroom using Esoteric software, this time using vinyl! These albums, as with the SACD titles, are available to both Esoteric software and hardware dealers alike.

If you are interested in either of these new titles, please submit your order by no later than Noon PDT on Monday, March 6th.

These are limited production runs that happen one time only. There will not be a second pressing. We’ll receive one collective import that will match up to the quantities reflected in the orders we receive

Anyone interested must ciontact me and order by 3/6/2023 after that they will be gone forever to the second hand market
Price is 99.95 each

ESLD-10001 (1 album)

Dvo?ák Symphony No.9 "From the New World"

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by István Kertész
$99.99 USD

ESLD-10002 (1 album)

Tchaikovsky Swan Lake

Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam

Conducted by Anatole Fistoulari
$99.99 USD

thank you Elliot.

classical digital step/analog mastered vinyl. and i know how particular Esoteric is about things. should be good.
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Isn't the ""Esoteric Mastering" a digital process?
How does an individual audiophile order? Website? Telephone #? Address?
contact Elliot above, or any Esoteric Dealer i presume. they are celebrating their new T1 turntable by offering some records. makes sense to me. previously Esoteric was not really known for analog, and this is their way to help to change that perception.

Elliot's contact info is in his post. or PM him. once they know how many people order, they will "one time" press that many. and that's it.
appears to be a digital master source. i have one disc of the two disc original pressing of the Dvorak piece and love it. like to find the set but the only one i've seen is $1300, and likely worth it. so i'll buy these and see how they sound.

How does an individual audiophile order? Website? Telephone #? Address?
im happy to help you. you can get in touch with me here or at work website is bendingwaveusa,com and my contact is there
im happy to help you. you can get in touch with me here or at work website is bendingwaveusa,com and my contact is there
Digital source! No longer interested!
Both of these recordings are early Decca SXL2000 series. The original early ED1 pressing of the Swan Lake SXL2285 is around $250-300 used in nice condition, while the New World SXL2289 is over $1000. I have a safety master of the Swan Lake (15ips 2 track 1/2") and a dub of a safety of the New World. Both super recordings. Wilkie engineered the Swan Lake (Ray Minshull producing), while Jimmy Brown engineered the New World with Minshull again producing.

Not sure what the condition of the original master tapes are like. Many of the early Deccas masters were overused and Decca made digital copies of the masters for their later reissues. Speakers Corners did a reissue of the New World, and I see on the internet there was a Japanese reissue of the Swan Lake.

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Esoteric produced some incredible SACD's and one should expect these to be of the highest quality as well. After Monday I cant order them so thats the entire story. These in my opinion will go up in value in the future as well. I am buying some for myself to put away.

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