New gear from MIT coming soon

• We redesigned the Z Powerbar, to the Z Powerbar II. This brand new design includes adjustable PFC (Power Factor Correction) switches on the face plate. This pair of switches allow the user to adjust power factor coming from the wall. This improves efficiency for every component and results in the best possible sound. Also, we developed a new isolation system to stop cross talk between the various components plugged into it. This design has a new grounding lug for turntables. The Powerbar II will sell for ~$5999.00
• Oracle SHD Phono cable is coming now! This long awaited design features the unique MIT "Vee configuration" to allow the user to place the network enclosure for ease of adjustability. It can now sit among other SHD interfaces on a shelf or on the floor behind the rack.. It includes similar controls most coveted by owners of the SHD interconnects. Comes in RCA, XLR or DIN connections. This interface will sell for ~ $16,999.00
• PMC "Power Management Console" is the newest addition to the ACC series, to feature "2C3D Power"! We just completed our testing backed up by "in the field testing" and the results are staggering; we are now providing the 2C3D effect to the power supply. Inclused dual PFC controls. Will sell for ~$ 15,999.00.

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