Kharma Exquisite Extreme Grand install

Jan 23, 2011
Amsterdam holland
Who knows, but the speaker doesnt get its rigidness from a thin fiberglass or carbon layer , its the inner thick resinbased compound that gives the housing its non resonant quality , same as in kharmas case , that the wooden panels are predominantly there for decoration /shape imo , as HPL panels are much more Non resonant and stiffer than wood.
But i surely dont know exactly why andy payor does what he does off course , i assume the two thicker layers are the mould where the compound is poured into but i am just guessing
In my case i went only for HPL , i like to keep things basic , but the wood and kharma designs surely look good, kharma exquisite series designs are also made up of layers which makes the housings obviously very expensive since you have a lot of waistmaterial
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