issue with unknown technical audio feedback on my renders/recordingss


New Member
Jun 12, 2022
hi, so not sure if this would be the right group to post this question please redirect me if not. Anyway so ive been recording alot of vocals here recently. Below im going to attach my latest recording in my home studio. Im well aware there are plenty of vocal issues that im actively working on but, what i want to ask here is each time i listen back i hear some type of odd technical audio feedback. im not sure what this is about due to my limited knowledge of my daw & home recording in general. Would anybody here know what maybe the culprit of all these strange audio technical sounds im hearing? also know my audio gear/home studio setup isnt too invested at the moment meaning i really dont have top quality stuff so not sure if that would have anything to do with it either. so id appreciate your feedback.
daw; reaper
os; windows 10 64bit


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