Is an air bearing for a platter really a good thing?


Feb 4, 2014
I also was until I tried it on the Tech AirForce One. Now I can't play an LP without switching it on.
Micro, are you using a TechDas now ? Will you ever stop ?
How does it compare to the SME table ?


New Member
Feb 16, 2019
Speaking of air (and all that goes with it), I'm more sceptical of vacuum hold-down.
Among my turntables is a Micro Seiki 1500 that does mono duties in my system. It has a conventional oil and ball bearing but has a vacuum holddown. The vacuum is supplied by the filtered inlet of an aquarium pump but puts a real grip and coupling between the record and the platter. Not sure I can tell any sonic difference but it does lock the record down.
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